Journey Decor MOD APK (Unlocked all maps) 5.4.0

Updated 25/09/2023 (2 months ago)
NameJourney Decor APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all maps
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Journey Decor

An interesting simulation and puzzle game called Journey Decor. You are free to make decisions to upgrade and decorate your old room. Turn this place into a new room with your aesthetic eye—complete quests to collect as much furniture. Then instead of having to think twice about designing products, you just need to make a choice. Every design in the game is inspired as close to reality as possible. In addition to the design of the rooms, the furniture is equally authentic. The objects in the room are arranged in different positions; you need to make the most harmonious decisions possible.

For one of the rooms to be fully furnished is not too complicated. But it is important that you complete it so that this place exudes a luxurious and perfect beauty. This requires players to have an aesthetic perspective, and a biand t of design knowledge. And if the player doesn’t have it yet, you can gradually train through the game. The furniture is all locked before the game starts. When you have the ability to buy and open one of the items, you will be given a choice between one of three pieces of furniture the game offers. You need to purchase these items with the yellow coins with the house icon above.

Journey Decor android

Download Journey Decor mod – A puzzle game that combines simulation to upgrade the house at your disposal.

Is a familiar puzzle game when you rearrange the provided colored stones. Players need to match three stones of the same color and shape together. Swap the position of the stones, such as book bags, buckets of water, and flower pots;… After being arranged in a row, they will be crushed. Or depending on the requirements of the game screen, you have to collect different stones. You must arrange and complete the requirements that the game screen offers to win the maximum gold coins. Each of these stones is designed to be an object that appears inside the house. Show your strategic skills by creating unique products by arrangement.

Journey Decor apk

Collect gifts

To have a chance to win, players need to collect as many gifts as possible. In addition, try to create stone versions with a special color and destructive power. For example, when you align four stones, you can get a stone that destroys horizontally or vertically. If it is a row with five different stones, the player can get a bomb. This bomb has the effect of disappearing one of the colors you choose that turn. Or, when you create four identical balls in the shape of a square, you can get a rocket. Just touching it will fly away and disappear any stone.

Journey Decor mod

Locations everywhere

Once you’ve been able to complete a room in a certain location, you can unlock the next area with so many maps on offer everywhere in this world. From there, players can freely explore the home decoration styles of many different countries. Each room in each location is provided with furniture with different designs. In the Netherlands, with a room facing a vast flower field. Or New York apartments are on a high floor, with bold modern urban style. Talking about the room in France, it is impossible to talk about classical and romantic style. But every design still depends on the choice of your two hands.

Journey Decor mod apk

Change the room

You are given an old room and start cleaning the whole house. After that, we officially started to decorate the room. Freedom to decide everything from the most minor thing going on in here. Change the curtains, the paint color of the walls, and the paint color of the room tiles. Choose the harmony that suits your own eyes. Add decorative objects to enhance the aesthetics of your home. But plant pots, flower pots, decorative statues, fish tanks, bookshelves,… Plus, depending on the function of each room, you make the right choices. Put the king-size beds inside your bedroom to enjoy.

Journey Decor apk free

Every place you go through, you can keep your beautiful memories. Inside the game, you are a short-haired girl with a cheerful smile. Just tap the camera icon every time you go to a new place. All the beautiful moments of players will be captured and saved in the gallery. Download Journey Decor mod manually designs and make beautiful choices for your room.

How to Download & Install Journey Decor MOD APK (Unlocked all maps) for Android


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