Merge Kingdoms MOD APK (Unlimited money, hammer, cards) 1.1.7563

Updated 07/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMerge Kingdoms APK
PublisherFunCraft Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, hammer, cards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Kingdoms

Goalkeeping is a concept that is no longer strange to gamers. With the task of suppressing the attacks of the enemy. By building defense towers with ultimate power. Merge Kingdoms is a tower defense game in the process of developing and going up. Chances are you’ll notice it during this time. If you are lucky enough to read this article, congratulations. You can own this game right away with the familiar goalkeeper quality in the most novel way. If you are not familiar with this game, I will tell you briefly about it.

Compared to other tower defense games, Merge Kingdoms is not much different. Especially in terms of gameplay and defense mechanism that made the brand. Still fortresses with different powers. Still maps with different terrain and tower placement. From there the enemy will flood in from the starting position until they pass your base. Of course, you won’t let that happen with your wits and tactics.

Merge Kingdom mod

Download Merge Kingdoms mod – War, defense, and intense battle

It’s true that Merge Kingdoms is really a tower-defense game. But the mechanism to create defense towers is extremely novel. Perhaps there has never been a game like this before. It is a combination of goalkeeper and number grid. Specifically, in each level, the army of monsters will gradually move towards your base. Along with that is the appearance of numbers from small to large on the screen. Let’s use them to combine and create a bigger number. That number is the defensive tower you need to destroy the enemy. And now we need an element of luck to be able to fight.

Accompanying those number boxes is a map that is not too wide. Each place has its own terrain and tactics. So you have to place the defensive towers in the designated position reasonably. They will take advantage of that location to shoot and defeat monsters non-stop. Each number is a type of cannon with different features and powers. Make good use of them to know the strategy and true strength of the pieces.

Merge Kingdom mod apk

Find out the enemy you have to face

The most prominent feature is probably the infinite mechanism of Merge Kingdoms. When the game will summon monsters continuously to test your strength. The more waves they pass, the more their strength and durability will increase. Diversity of species from Ice Dragon, Necromancer, Goblin… Will make you extremely surprised and sometimes unpredictable. Some monsters will have their own special abilities and spells. Be wary of their power, thoroughly investigate all possibilities and be ready to fight at any moment. This playground is your own to roam and defend.

Merge Kingdom mod mod

Test the power of the watchtower

Watchtowers are made up of numbers combined. However, the power will not be determined by whether it is a large or small number. Because we have a system to upgrade them with cash. Increased firepower, design, speed as well as a wider range. Possess the maximum enhanced powers. This process will take quite a while to be achieved. Because the price to upgrade is increasing day by day, not just one but many other cannons. I recommend building the strongest fortress towers. Before there is enough money to upgrade them all.

Merge Kingdom mod apk free

Challenges with many encouraging rewards

There is a rule in Merge Kingdoms, that every 5 rounds, a boss will appear. With more health and damage than normal monsters. Has spread the fear and restlessness of every gamer when 5 normal rounds have passed. However for the smart players. The boss fights are the most attractive free item. Because just defeating them will get a large amount of money. Even the new power of the watchtower or auxiliary skills. Do not miss the opportunity to own the most ultimate weapons. Because it’s one of those innings that will determine your strength in the future.

Merge Kingdom mod free

For a longtime gamer player. I clearly feel the new but not too strange for Merge Kingdoms. Just add a few small details without losing its identity. Surprisingly, its effects will create such a very special game. Although not completely out of a goalkeeper game. But it brings a very new feeling and style. Try Merge Kingdoms mod to understand the developer’s intention to make that game.

How to Download & Install Merge Kingdoms MOD APK (Unlimited money, hammer, cards) for Android


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