Mayday Memory MOD APK (Unlocked all) 1.12.1

Updated on 10/03/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameMayday Memory APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mayday Memory simulates possible future activities, the turbulent year 2099. Everything that goes on is related to human memory when that moment comes. You play a beautiful girl named Dell with her friends and colleagues to discover the planet’s secrets. You lose your memory, don’t know who you are, why you can enter this time door. You go to find your answer, following the plot that Mayday Memory has scripted. You are one of the employees of the PI office, where the mysteries of the future world gather. Working non-stop, the office is always lit with electric light to do the job.

You are the youngest member of the group who will appear simultaneously. You work hard day and night to carry out the challenge to regain your memory, taking the leading role in the plot this time. Becoming the main character of Mayday Memory, you can fully experience the exciting things related to time machines. You are clever when exploring, following each other’s words to find clues. The stories are told continuously, and it will take you quite a while to complete them. Problems need to be solved as soon as possible; find yourself again not to be lost in the modern world in the future.

Mayday Memory apk

Download Mayday Memory mod – restore future memory

When entering the game, you will see all the characters in Mayday Memory. Each person has a few seconds to introduce themselves, their name, date of birth, and personality. Everyone has unique characteristics; no one is the same, remembering information to find ways to connect with them. You work with Syd, the reckless colleague who always comes up with solid solutions for each case. As the head of the department, Jeff has a reputation as a stupid, stupid person. In addition, you will encounter other characters such as Ain, Hansol, and an exciting robot named Mode. Six characters will create dramatic situations, mysteries, and storylines to attract players.

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Please find me

One day you are having a dream about strange things that make you a little scared, and when you open your eyes, you don’t believe in yourself. So where am I, and what am I doing in this world? There can be no immediate answer; from this moment, you know you have amnesia. You can’t be aware of anything in the past, and only the present is troubling you. The handsome guy Ain is standing in front of you, chatting and starting the adventure from here. A few words of introduction for them to get to know each other, later you will become a team with many different people. Start creating good memories, and write more memories for yourself in the future.

Mayday Memory

Discover many hidden things

Mayday Memory is a game expressed through stories and how the characters interact with each other. Each time you display a message line, you will receive helpful information. The stories will revolve around the future, the machine, and the process of finding memories. The experience with the beautiful main character and the male star cast with top-notch visuals immerse the girls in that beauty. But don’t let that blind you; you have to be smart to see things. Memories are also gradually opened up through the sayings of friends around. The truth about you needs to be revealed; find clues to wholly put the final pieces together.

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Interact with teammates

From the interface to the gameplay, every problem is reproduced through the characters’ words. This is a way to attract players, bypassing the familiar paths to find new things. You will not be bored because the stories are constantly changing. After experiencing this chapter, new storylines will be opened, and the element of repetition is absent. Players realize what they need through interactions and communication with colleagues or friends. Receiving the opponent’s questions, you choose the most appropriate answer. Wise choices will shorten the distance you find your memories.

Mayday Memory mod apk

Mayday Memory creates something unique. Characters and stories are two indispensable components in this game. Being able to exchange and make many new friends will benefit me a lot. The journey to regaining memories will be easy if you have their support. You need to know where you were born, what your personality is like, and why you are here. Your diary will be outlined in detail if the story is fully explored. Many secrets surround us, which cannot be blindly ignored. What aspects of the game make you curious and want to be discovered. Download the Mayday Memory mod, bring memories back and continue the story between you and your teammates.

Download Mayday Memory MOD APK (Unlocked all) for Android

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