Era of Magic Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 1.7.01

Updated 18/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameEra of Magic Wars APK
PublisherTINYSOFT - slots, slot machines & casino games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Era of Magic Wars MOD APK detail?

V1: When buying items for the first time, you need enough money.

V2: Free shopping

Introduce MOD APK Era of Magic Wars

Controlling mythical creatures is not a difficult task. The era of Magic Wars will accompany you to new horizons. With your ability, you can create an entire army with terrible power. Ready to crush all enemies that stand in your way without spending too much effort. Play the role of a solid and charismatic military commander. Express ourselves in a way that we love and want to pursue. Legendary people make legends just like you.

An era of magic built with the wildest imaginations encapsulated in the Era of Magic Wars. The strategic factor is the thing that is focused and invested in the most. Mind games were created to compare the abilities of the players. Grow freely and build strength with your directions and interests. Sharp graphics give the impression of character effects and movements. You can see a trade-off in how developers build features. Make the best quality deaf for anyone who is in the game.

Era of Magic Wars mod

Download Era of Magic Wars mod – Head to the era of magic

You will summon your best allies to fight together to begin your path. You will encounter teams of enemies blocking the way, and we need to get past them. The game mechanics will revolve around the turn-based attack style you need to adhere to. The two sides will take turns attacking by launching all their skills. The goal is that you can choose to defeat and weaken the fastest enemy squad. Each time you use a skill, you will spend a certain amount of energy. Only high-ranking leaders can deploy the ultimate move. Your regular minions can only attack usually.

More than 50 creatures

The number of characters you can collect in Era of Magic Wars can be pretty significant. All are categorized into categories like Knights, Dragons, Beholder, Griffin, Medusa, and several others. Each creature carries with it extraordinary fighting abilities. They have advanced skills that can be activated when fully charged. There are also low-level soldiers added to the team to aid in combat. Players can customize the combination of creatures they want together and create a squad that can best support each other in confrontations. Bring advantages and practical strategies to suppress opponents.

Era of Magic Wars mod apk

Move freely

When confronting, the two sides will be formed into a match on a field with alternating hexagonal cells. Troops of both sides can move to any square they want, except for those cells with other characters standing on them. If standing next to the enemy, it is your turn to attack them. After the enemy attacks are destroyed quickly, you will gain the advantage. Movement plays an essential part in making for a perfect win. Know precisely how to choose the weakest targets to exploit with your units. You will gain a certain amount of experience training through many battles.

Era of Magic Wars mod android

PvP Arena

The PvP arena is where players are free to confront each other to show off their skills. Here you can roll out the squads you feel are robust and best customized. Each player can come up with very annoying and varied strategies. It would be best to be very careful to exploit their loopholes well. In particular, do not create loopholes for opponents to exploit. Playing this mode will also give you a lot of rich experiences in the Era of Magic Wars mod.

How to Download & Install Era of Magic Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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