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Updated 18/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameMagic of Destiny APK
PublisherGyro Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 10+
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Introduce MOD APK Magic of Destiny

Enter a realm filled with powerful magic and build defences in Magic of Destiny. You have entered a world where magical power covers every place and land. So creatures carrying mysterious magic were born and developed the land. However, this world still has many other creepy creatures that existed before humanity was born. And they were awakened when a principality touched the crystal stone while exploring. The world of magic was no longer as quiet as it seemed because the war was about to begin. Unite the epic heroes of the magical world and repel waves of monsters.

The world of magic existed from time immemorial and gradually gave birth to new creatures. Now on this planet, anyone has a little bit of mighty magical power. They created an enchanted castle and organized an exploration of the hidden mysteries. However, an accident has caused this world to shake and face the danger of destruction. The crystal stone spread magical power and awakened those who wanted to possess magic. They have now awakened and will again stage a world-destruction attack and seek magic. Become a bearer of mystical powers of magic and protect the world.

Magic of Destiny android

Download Magic of Destiny – Protect the existence of the magical world

Exploring a kingdom always goes smoothly and teaches a lot of knowledge. And the magic stone found during this exploration is the most mysterious and valuable. However, when the principality touched it, an aura of power spread throughout the world. While all of them did not understand what was happening, calamities continued to befall the kingdom. Oil rains from the sky bring mysterious creatures and wreak havoc on the city. This place has become chaotic, and the source of everything is the magic stone. Unite with magical heroes and protect the existence of the powerful kingdom.

Magic of Destiny mod apk

Magic world

Humans were born in the magical world and contained in their bodies. So they can go everywhere and uncover the mysteries of the mysterious world. The knowledge gained from the crystal stone helped them understand more about magic. A kingdom was created in the quest to perfect the knowledge of magic. And you will discover the different advantages of the domains inside the world. In front of them were ancient magical creatures attacking, and only unity could make them victorious. Explore magical kingdoms and learn the battle heroes of each domain.

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Defence towers

Every kingdom founded from magic became the target of attacks by monsters. The crystal stone the principality touched was the supreme stone that carried magical knowledge. And this made the monsters angry, and they wanted to take the stone back. They are brutal magical creatures, and you must create structures to defend them. You will need to build towers and put magical powers inside to be able to fight. Magical power will help the tower promote basic skills to destroy the enemy. Defend the magic kingdom with towers that use magical elemental powers.

Magic of Destiny mod

Defence heroes

You will meet talented people on your journey to explore the magical kingdom. They were people trained so that the principality could lead and discover the magic. They found the crystal, and it was their responsibility to fight. The kingdom’s defence towers were where they would use magic to repel monsters. The cards will contain the hero’s powers and replace them to level them up. You can also change the characteristics of the towers so that heroes can combine fights. Upgrade the kingdom’s defences with magical energy and slay metal monsters.

Magic of Destiny apk

The magic world monster has awakened since the supreme magic stone was touched. Humans can no longer continue to go out and learn about magic. Monsters appear in front of them, and they also need to protect the world. You will be with heroes to build defences and fight. The towers will use the hero’s power and generate the elemental ability to repel enemies. But heroes need to be upgraded, and let’s lead the hero’s buildings. Download Magic of Destiny mod to build defence towers and prove your ability to destroy monsters.

How to Download & Install Magic of Destiny MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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