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The football game has become a popular concept with everyone for a long time. Most of them are games where you will control your team to match and score goals directly. However, this will not be at MADFUT 23, simply because this is not a simple football game. This is a rare game that helps you improve more tactically than technically. With cards and revolves around the situation in battles. You have to figure out how to solve it as well as build a sure and effective strategy.

Although it is a game about football, MADFUT 23 does not have the presence of any players. On the contrary, this game has a lot of cards, which will determine your intelligence. Please don’t confuse it with any card game. MADFUT 23 is still essentially a football game. But it hits more on the player’s tactics and thinking than the technique in a battle. You have to decide everything so that the game situation goes smoothly. Everything is under control, and the victory is convincing.

Download MADFUT 23 mod – Learn to be a great football tactician

It can be said that MADFUT 23 is more like an application than a game. Above all, it still carries the football genre and is loved by many people. The theme revolves around tactics and cards. The ultimate goal of the game is to build solid squads. The lineup here is the starting line-up of a team. Then let everything work according to what you have arranged. Everything that brings results depends on your previous arrangement. A little out of the way, there is quite a bit of luck applied if you know a few essential tips.

Initially, the player will be provided with a certain number of cards. Each card carries its own data and information. It is necessary to classify which cards are used for what work. After you have arranged a perfect formation, put the cards into the virtual ball game. Every event will be recorded on the phone screen in writing. The score will be shown in the top corner as a key factor. At a certain time, the game will end, you will get results to gain experience and change in many later matches.

Deck card system

Cards can be provided individually, and they are considered as rewards if you win a match. Or more quickly replenishing in the store in sets. Each deck will have dozens of cards with different names. You may be wondering how these cards work. Cards will have the effect of causing events and effects in a match. Just like the players, it can be considered as a football match between the cards. There are cards with special names such as football moves or the logo of an interesting club. All have their own effects and benefits in the match.

Participate in the world tournament

Like normal football games, MADFUT 23 still has tournaments for all players to participate in. They confront each other directly through tactical cards. Each player will choose their own formation, and then when ready, the match can be started. Each event will be notified on the screen, as mentioned above. Winning or losing will determine whether the player can continue or not. However, it doesn’t matter when the total score is the important ingredient. Try to hold out until the quarterfinals, semi-finals, or even the finals to meet many surprises. The reward for the champion is well deserved and worth looking forward to.

Trade cards with friends

Along with you, many other players will participate in many different matches. A good opportunity for you to learn the strategy and cards of the other. See what special points they have to create victory. People can exchange cards with each other to benefit both parties. Of course, this only happens when the two are already friends. Fight together to share tactics more smartly and intuitively. Among hundreds of thousands of different cards, creating a perfect deck requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Choosing companions is definitely the right thing to do.

There are no players or balls. Do not directly participate in fiery football matches. MADFUT 23 takes you into a different perspective of football. A much more tactical and professional perspective. If in other football games, people compete with each other in skill and concentration, then in MADFUT 23 mod, everyone will compete in thinking and strategy to win against your team.

Download MADFUT 23 MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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