LUNA SONATA MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) 1.4.4

Updated 19/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Date your boys and find they’re secret hidden in LUNA SONATA. You are a hunter who always tries to complete his mission as usual. Everything goes smoothly until a cruel creature of legend attacks you. You do not have time to act against them, and then they are imprisoned in the dark. After calming down, you learned that your captors were vampires. But they suddenly become attractive guys, and you don’t want to get out. Natural affection between you and vampire boys has been born, and try dating them.


You are accidentally captured by vampire boys while on your mission. Now you are no longer a hunter but a prey for those boys to do anything. However, you are not afraid of those vampires who are considered cruel. You are attracted to your handsomeness, and the boys are also attracted to you. Because you are a female hunter and your beauty is not inferior to anyone in their eyes. Love has arisen, and let’s use the opportunity to confess to the vampire boy. Start chatting with them to learn about vampire life and find harmony between them.


Download LUNA SONATA mod – The beginning of a vampire love story

Vampire boys accidentally captured the hunter while on a mission. But the most unexpected thing is that they both have feelings for each other and want a fresh start. The hunter is an attractive woman who has things vampires are looking for. On the opposite side are the boys transformed into the evilest animals. But when you face them, you realize that’s not entirely true for you. Vampire boys are not only very good but also attract the eye of yourself. Discover the vampire boy’s personality and start a remarkable love story.


Opportunity to discover

You were a hunter, but now that position has been changed after you performed a quest. Now the hunters are vampire boys with a blood-sucking nature. But you soon find it’s just a rumor because they don’t do anything to compromise your safety. Or maybe because you are a female hunter and arouse curiosity in the guys’ hearts. This gives you a better chance to learn about the supposedly evil vampire world. Those guys will also better understand a person with a different character from them. The opportunity to interact with vampires is only one, and let’s chat to learn more about them.


Vampire love

The boys who capture the hunter like you are all mysterious vampires turned into. They possess abilities that someone like you needs to learn to understand fully. And each vampire boy also has his characteristics you need to chat to discover. You will know the personalities of all four boys based on conversations with them. Guys may be careful with you because they think you want to be exposed to harm them. But you can gradually erase that feeling as you try to be close in all circumstances. Get to know all the boys and find vampire love from one of the four.


Hunter costume

You are a female hunter who must win the vampire boy’s affection. Important events will allow you to make yourself more prominent as a hunter. The dresses you put on can keep the guy interested and the story. Every conversation has a choice and is proactive with the plan. However, the skins will not be available; you need to unlock them through achievements. Try to get to know all the vampire boys and build the best relationship. Use costumes and put on a hunter to make her beautiful.


The hunting competition had changed roles, and the hunter had become prey for the vampires. But they didn’t seem to want to harm the hunter because there was something attractive about her. And you are also attracted to guys with vampire origins and want to find out. Both of you are interested in getting to know each other, and the opportunity for you to build love begins. You’ll be the first to date a vampire successfully, and let’s start by chatting. Use costumes to make your learning opportunities more meaningful. Download LUNA SONATA mod to learn and start falling in love with vampire boys.

How to Download & Install LUNA SONATA MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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