Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited everything)

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NameLumber Empire: Idle Tycoon APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited everything
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Logging is a job that sounds simple, but if you have played through Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon, you will have to think again. Owns the world’s largest logging company. Use activities related to wood production to enrich yourself. You will know more about what logging is like. In the spirit of many other idle games, you don’t have to participate in too many activities for a long time. An automatic production line will follow all. You create them all once, so they work independently and bring you profits.

Run a small lumberyard and grow it step by step to increase its size. There may be many difficulties in the business process, but you do not need to worry about anything when you have a lot of money. Control operations and unlock more new production systems. Get cooperation from many famous business houses to build your brand. You will know how to attract customers to your wood products. Along with that are the challenges to maintaining the business and avoiding unnecessary incidents.

Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon mod

Download Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon mod – Own a logging and manufacturing company

It opens with a small lumberyard and different areas for running other jobs. You will start everything from cutting trees in the forest to collecting wood transporting it to processing areas. Then continue to rotate through factories that create products made from wood. That process is repeated repeatedly to obtain a profit, namely the required amount. Use the money to upgrade parts to higher levels. Unlock more second areas to increase the amount of wood and products. The only thing you need to do is direct and manage all work. Profit to provide more critical facilities in production at a faster rate.

Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon mod apk

Rapid forest improvement

Resources are never infinite in quantity, so to produce continuously, we need to renovate them. That is the planting of forests to restore the amount of wood that has been lost. Hire professional planters for the fastest forest recovery. Of course, you need to pay them to work hard at maximum capacity. When upgrading for a forest planter, it means that you pay a higher salary for that person to plant a forest faster. If there is a shortage of areas for afforestation, consider buying additional plots of land and focus exclusively on farming. It would be almost impossible to bring in timber for production without forests.

Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon mod apk free

Upgrading machinery and equipment

Machines must be modern and operate stably for efficient production. Pay attention to your wood production lines. This is the most critical place to decide the quality of the product after it is released. Use the money to upgrade machines to get more quantity and higher processing speed. The devices that saw and treated wood, processed, changed the structure to create products… All are important and play an essential role. Also, don’t forget your wooden transport trucks are getting worse and worse. Building a dedicated maintenance area for transport vehicles. Do everything to make the cargo vans always of perfect quality for the trip.

Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon mod free

Advertising and Business Campaigns

The purpose of all of the above is to do business and sell your products to the market. Launch marketing campaigns to promote your products first. By doing so, consumers, especially businesses, will notice your product. So we have the first orders. This is the time for you to build a system to deliver goods to customers. Sometimes there will be many problems related to interests. If you detect it early, handle it wisely, not interrupt the shipping process. Orders are processed quickly; you will attract more investors.

Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon free

Wood production to create user-friendly products. Attracting many investors worldwide with its fast speed and quality production system. Improve the environment to provide the required amount of materials at any time. A leader needs to make the right moves to help his business thrive. Those are just the most essential things that appear in Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon mod. Are you confident enough to run a famous wood manufacturing company? Let capacity and revenue answer that question.

Download Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited everything) for Android

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