Love Liar MOD APK 1.3.3 (Menu, Free Premium Choices)

Updated on 07/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameLove Liar APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Get revenge on someone who dares to betray his feelings by teaming up with demons in Love Liar. You are a person who always gives all your love and everything to the people you love the most. However, you are afraid that what you give them is not enough and are ready to do anything. But this leaves you to be taken advantage of by the person you are supposed to marry, your lover. All you get is one person’s lie, which makes you desperate. So you decide to take revenge on your ex and choose to cooperate with the devil to be able to succeed. The journey of retaliation due to emotional teasing begins, and you will create your ending.

The despair of being betrayed by your ex has made you lose your mind in the face of humiliation. The love you gave has now evaporated with your ex’s confessions. But you will not easily forgive your emotional traitor and must seek revenge. Cooperation with the devil is the best way to take revenge on someone who dares to make love stories. But you were too hasty in dealing with the devil and his revenge plan. The potion the devil gave you has been used but works on the wrong person. You are under the demon potion’s influence and must choose the events around you.

Love Liar android

Download Love Liar mod – Discover the truth behind the love story

You wished you could take revenge on the person who betrayed your love for them. The devil shows up and ensures it can help you and the two who have worked together. You must make a deal with the devil and be allowed to punish the emotional prankster. Your soul has been sold to the devil, and only by completing revenge can you get it back. But plans changed when someone took the potion the devil gave you. Each love story keeps happening, and you must learn by getting to know them. Discover the truth about the potion and the love stories you have with others.

Love Liar mod apk

Devil’s potion

You were desperate when the love you gave to your lover was looked down upon and taken advantage of. But after suffering, you want to punish those who dare to tease you and go to the devil. He will give you the strange potion, but you must also sell your soul. However, you defied everything, and the revenge plan started when there was a potion. You have everything ready, but someone has used the potion before you can give it to the right person. One of the people you know may have taken it without knowing what was in the mixture. The evil potion has made things go wrong, and it’s up to you to decide the story.

Love Liar apk

Choose love

One of your suspected friends used the potion you sold your soul for. And to find out who drank the potion, you must date everyone in it. From here, the story between you and them grows, and the potion also shows its effect. You get lost in chatting with them and falling in love again. The feeling of being loved again comes, and you can’t resist this magic. However, the thought of revenge is still in your heart, and you must choose love. Find out the story behind the bottle and choose your way out.

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The answer to all

Thanks to the devil’s potion, you’re getting closer to your goal of getting revenge on your ex. But one of your friends used it and did things not as planned. You have to date them all to discover the story behind the potion given by the devil. And you’re one step closer to finding the answer to the betrayal story. Is this a devil’s target, or is it just your opinion? And what you call selling your soul is nothing more than a genuine feeling of love. So join dating people related to the potion and find the answer.

Love Liar mod

You sold your soul to the devil to get revenge on your ex. The demonic potion gives you hope to punish the one who betrayed your sincere feelings. But the evil potion disappears before you can use it, and you must find the answer. Dating people you suspect is the best way to determine who took the potion. But from here, you feel loved and have to choose between revenge and love. It seems that the answer is for all, but you must decide wisely. Download Love Liar mod to develop a love story thanks to the evil potion and determine the solution yourself.

Download Love Liar MOD APK (Menu, Free Premium Choices) for Android

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