Lonely Survivor MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage multipliers) 1.33.0

Updated 26/04/2024 (1 month ago)

The survival battle in Lonely Survivor MOD APK makes you find a way to survive the massive invasion from the most evil enemies.

NameLonely Survivor APK
PublisherCobby Labs
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Lonely Survivor MOD APK detail?

V1 Menu

1. Add Max Gold
2. Add EXP Power
3. Always Enable Magnet
4. God Mode
5. Instant Kill
6. Spawn Monster x50 (Except Boss)

V2 Menu

  1. God mode
  2. EXP Multiplier

Introduce MOD APK Lonely Survivor

A survivor will have it all if he joins the battle of Lonely Survivor. An impossible thing when one person confronts hundreds of thousands of enemies from everywhere. But all is possible when your bravery has reached a new limit. That is the uncontrollable transformation of the weapons possessed. They will be the things that save your soul and give everyone solidity in battle. Can this great hero protect everyone? That will be a big question mark depending on the results we achieve.

Non-stop fighting is what’s happening slowly in Lonely Survivor. The gameplay is designed with a lot of good features. It creates a necessary simplicity for us to get used to and feel automatically. Not only that, many things help us develop strength. The game will be more about control and skill than the reaction speed of each person. This enables anyone to handle difficult situations calmly. But that’s also the big challenge when we get into the more difficult parts of being created.

Lonely Survivor mod

Download Lonely Survivor mod – Become an opponent’s destroyer

A lone warrior is facing a massive invasion of the most substantial empire. But he will not be afraid because he has friends to support this fight. Stand-alone among hundreds of soldiers and destroy them quickly. You need to control it so the hero can move anywhere he needs. He will attack all random approaching enemies by himself. Every time we kill an enemy, we get a lot of experience. This allows the hero to level up and choose to upgrade or unlock a new skill. Helps a lot in fending off the next big attack the opponent has.

Skill upgrade

Upgrading skills is one of the things you should learn on your own if you want to go further. We will get this privilege after leveling up a level. Each level is three random selections that can give you an advantage. All include attack effects, protection, or increased damage. If you choose the right directions that you need, your hero will optimize his strength. But it’s a waste of talent if you can’t decide what you need. Therefore we need to carefully read the notes in each skill and then make a decision. Then, sweep your enemies with the help of these incredible things.

Lonely Survivor mod free


When it comes to equipment, it is about the enduring strength of a hero. They will have appropriate equipment characteristics based on the character class you choose. A complete set with armor, helmet, weapon, shoes, arm armor, and ring. Each equips a few specific stats to make the hero gain more advantages. Incredibly the more powerful the equipment is, the higher the rarity. The lowest will be the white item, and the most powerful will be the legendary red item. You can hunt them down during the store rotation or the significant events the game offers. It is also possible to fight bosses to find these meaningful things.

Lonely Survivor mod apk

Boss Attack

Boss is a big obstacle when we reach basic levels in the journey. Each boss will guard a part of their territory and rule with power. Fighting them will require enough combat power to stay alive. Beware of the tricks these bosses can use. Win and get the best items ever in the Lonely Survivor mod.

How to Download & Install Lonely Survivor MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Damage multipliers) for Android


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1 year ago

Lonely survivor

1 year ago

It’s not working and it seem to be banned at first time open the game

1 year ago

Sir i downloaded the app , but I think it needs your approval , something pops up in Chinese about player I’d and Gmail , i mail my player I’d on that Gmail , can you approve or aomething

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