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Updated on 29/01/2023 (11 hours ago)
NameLocus Map Pro Navigation APK
PublisherAsamm Software, s. r. o.
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If you want to go out without getting lost, you need Locus Map Pro Navigation to guide you. Helps you locate exactly where you are standing on the map. Avoid getting lost when you accidentally go to unfamiliar places that you don’t know. Quickly find the nearest routes to get to the place you want. Discover many new and exciting places for more fun trips. You will certainly enjoy what it has to offer.

Locus Map Pro Navigation is developed to support your outdoor activities. Picnic, mountain climbing, long road trip, or vacation will need their usefulness. All based on built-in intelligence and software. Turn your device into a modern and powerful locator. It can be used by ordinary people or experts, or rescuers. Shows how critical navigational maps can be.

Locus Map Pro Navigation mod

Download Locus Map Pro Navigation mod – Locate precisely where you are going

Locus Map Pro Navigation will provide you with the most professional features. It will have advanced navigation bars for intensive use. Support for positioning both online and offline and wherever you need it. There are advanced map adjustment tools and support for adding map overlays. There are also statistical graphs to help users with sports or moving activities. Can easily forecast weather everywhere with high accuracy. Gives you everything you need to do the activities you can do. No need to spend too much time on manual actions anymore.

Locus Map Pro Navigation mod free

Offline map

With this option, you will have an OSM-based vector map of the entire world. This map will synthesize different walking, cycling, or sports activities. All are based on official information collected with high accuracy. It will simulate famous maps from top manufacturers. You can use this map on long runs or mountain roads in the city. It can be applied to a lot of different countries in Europe. The application also supports external map formats such as SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux, or RMAP. Easy to use anytime you need.

Online Map

This online map also has the same features as offline. But you can update all the content in the fastest way. The navigation mechanisms will become more precise, and instantly, the location can be located. It will also be able to be downloaded and used offline in many cases. Supports a lot of different regions from Europe, Asia, Oceania, and others. It will summarize a lot of beautiful places that you should go to enjoy. Find shortcuts quickly with a few simple taps. So you can take all the roads and take advantage of them.

Locus Map Pro Navigation mod apk

More types of maps

In addition to geographical maps, Locus Map Pro Navigation will also provide a few other types of maps for you. For example, meteorological maps for weather forecasting. It will accurately represent the different weather patterns in each specific location. From there you can get to know everything and avoid bad weather. Next is a satellite map of NASA with photos showing exactly the continents worldwide. Allows you to identify large distances. Catering for trips to other countries according to their work. There are also cadastral maps that can contain many geographical elements for professionals.

Locus Map Pro Navigation mod android

New features

Locus Map Pro Navigation also has many other modern support tools for users. For example, voice guidance is built into the navigation engine. It will allow you to navigate without focusing too much on the road map. Voice guides you to where you need to go in the easiest way to understand. Supports many different types of sensors and includes a heart rate sensor for you. Support virtual coaches to help you exercise most effectively. Bluetooth can be used to connect to other devices. The dashboard is designed for motorcycles or bicycles for easy customization.

With dozens of valuable tools, the Locus Map Pro Navigation mod is the one you can count on. Download this app now for your device to make the trip more quality.

Download Locus Map Pro Navigation APK for Android

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