LIT killah MOD APK 3.8.7 (Unlock characters/costumes/levels)

Updated on 06/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameLIT killah APK
PublisherGame Ever Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlock characters/costumes/levels
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

Level 10+, new outfits, new challenges, leaderboards and more!
Enjoy 1 vs 1 online battles! Compete online with other players!

The place where you will become a professional dancer can only be LIT Killah. It contains contemporary musical challenges that you cannot ignore. By the beautiful melodies, you will need to overcome various pitfalls. Use your reflexes to catch up with the approaching musical notes. Furthermore, we can make batch and constant changes. Let this game lead you to the end of the rhythm, where a confident and youthful lifestyle is aroused. Everyone will have to change when they know this inspirational music style.

LIT Killah is an actual music game when it brings emotions to the player. It’s no longer just musical notes that run continuously. We have more characters that perform skillful movements according to manipulation. Very similar to the old generation Audition genre you’ve seen. It brings youthful color to those who like hip-hop and dancers. Play your music to express the dynamic. It will also challenge hand manipulation and reflexes a lot. This is necessary so that you can get a new ability.

LIT killah mod

Download LIT Killah mod – Move to your rhythm

The music has started, and your job will be to perform the dances for your audience. The gameplay is also relatively easy for us to get used to from the beginning. You need to press exactly on the incoming musical notes. With short messages, we only need to press once. But with long messages, you need to hold on until it’s over. A game screen will have alternating appearances of long and broken notes. You can use the rhythm of the song to predict. When you execute the notes flawlessly, combos that increase the score can appear—bringing us a breakthrough with incredible achievements.

Customize the appearance

Does your dancer look normal compared to the common ground? Then there must be a worthy change to match your youthful style. We can use the new skins to change regularly for our characters. These skins are obtained when you complete a challenge or quest. It will include accessories such as pants, a shirt, a hat, or a mask. These accessories, when combined ,make a fantastic change. Make you feel more confident when performing your dances. These styles can represent a significant change as we enter the musical path.

LIT killah mod apk

Show your skills

LIT Killah has more than 50 different levels with highly diverse songs. Each group requires you to get used to new difficulties as the speed increases. The notes will be more difficult to press accurately if your speed is not high. Each level will have the highest rating of five stars. Each star corresponds to the milestone you achieved. When creating combos continuously, your five-star rate can increase. Gaining the leads will get us a good achievement. You can play again at any time if you feel incomplete. Turn your dancer from an ordinary person to a musical genius.

LIT killah mod free

Fascinating difficulty mode

Although there are only 50 levels, the game has up to twenty different difficulty modes you must complete. Each difficulty mode offers conditions you’ve never seen before. You will find it completely different from the previous levels you have played. Completing all classes in that mode will unlock higher levels. You need to continuously increase your ability to the limit in LIT Killah mod.

Download LIT killah MOD APK (Unlock characters/costumes/levels) for Android

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