Lily’s Garden MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.68.2

Updated 24/11/2023 (4 days ago)
NameLily’s Garden APK
PublisherTactile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Lily’s Garden

Players will accompany a lovely girl in Lily’s Garden. Renovating the living area with a new look, everything is too old. You need to help Lily, she needs to fix the garden as well as the house in a bad condition. The difference here is that the whole garden and the house are huge. The work has to be done very much while there is no specific plan. Lily’s Garden needs your help to bring the character’s living space to the best condition. You can see that this place has been almost completely degraded and covered in dark grey. Be the one to change it, create a new life for the Lily family.

The story was created by the developer when Lily learned the good news was about to welcome new members. She showed off this good news to her husband and then the two decided to remodel the place. Have you seen the importance of your mission? Bring your baby to a new home in a garden with some of the most beautiful trees. Lily’s Garden shows you the love of parents for their children. They can live in deprived conditions but always try to create the best environment for their children. In addition, you can also try many other puzzle games with similar gameplay like Storyngton Hall. Or relieve tension in the levels of Antistress.

Lilys Garden mod

Download Lily’s Garden mod – Renovate the garden and start a new life

Everything is so messy and messy, you can see it right from the entrance of the house. But let’s face it, you’ll be the one to change this place in the future. Whatever model you dream of building it up in your mind, apply it immediately. Lily’s Garden has a story that convinces many players. The proof is that the number of reviews alone has reached nearly 1 million. That’s not a small amount for a mobile game, joining millions of other players and showing off your home remodelling skills.

Lilys Garden mod download

Fix everything

The garden, the house is the things you need to do the remodelling immediately. Players need to do many different jobs and meet many characters throughout the game. Lily’s Garden simulates life-based on reality, the player will help Lily fulfil her goals to fulfil the desired throne for the day her child is born. Change your life with a new world with a house, a variety of flowers. Please decorate objects according to what you want. Flower pots, chairs, fountains, and more need you to transform it yourself.

Lilys Garden mod free

Solve puzzles

Lily’s Garden is integrated with the flower symbol matching puzzle game. Players need to choose and match at least 3 flowers of the same type to score. Each level has different requirements when completing each challenge you will be doing the work to decorate the garden. Not that you want to fix anything you can do it immediately. Each action is a fun puzzle that challenges the player’s mind. The number of moves is limited, but you can still make use of many other items to gain more points.

Lilys Garden mod android


Lily’s Garden has many characters you will meet as you rebuild your habitat. Players have lots of stories and dialogues with them, you can exchange experiences or whatever. Connect with friends on social media to make the atmosphere even more fun with your acquaintances. Learn more about creative gameplay from Lily’s Garden.

Unlock new areas

Flowers, objects, mysterious areas stimulate the curiosity of effective players. Lily’s Garden lets you unlock more mysteries beyond what has been seen and anticipated since the beginning of the game. Expand the garden with new areas to surprise your friends and neighbours with what you have. It is possible for the player to grow the garden after performing the basic restoration of the garden state.

Lilys Garden mod apk

Lily’s Garden is a game for you to fulfil a girl’s wishes before giving birth. Change living space with new designs of the garden, house and many other areas. Download Lily’s Garden mod to start a new life with a more scientific decoration.

How to Download & Install Lily’s Garden MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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