Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) 1.2.4

Updated 30/11/2023 (7 months ago)
NamePocket Academy 3 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Money*
2. Unlimited Culture Points*
3. Unlimited Humanities Points*
4. Unlimited Science Points*
*Increase when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Pocket Academy 3

Pocket Academy 3 was released with the desire to continue the success and spread of the game series of the same name. This series of games is an idle simulation game that has attracted the attention of players and the public. The first version came out in 2011, and the 3rd version is the latest version with many special features added. The gameplay is similar to the previous two versions, which is to build a large school and make it a powerful area. Manage and build from the smallest things that appear in school. Choose the location of the rooms so that it blends harmoniously with each other. Depending on the modern or classic style, choose the appropriate location.


A school that wants to be famous needs to have all modern facilities. Meeting all the requirements of studying and having an entertainment area for students. Coming to Pocket Academy 3, you will implicitly understand the work of a director of a school. Every decision you make affects the entire process and events that take place here. When the classrooms were initially built, Pocket Academy 3 welcomed students from all over the world. People talk to each other through chat bubbles above the character’s head. Since it’s not a role-playing game, this conversation is AI-built.

Pocket Academy 3 apk free

Download Pocket Academy 3 mod – Build a famous school that welcomes students

The pixel-type 2D interface is no longer new to bring familiar experiences. Click on the word Start in the bottom corner of the screen, step through the school gate. First, you will be given a small amount of money, use that gold to buy the first classroom. Pocket Academy 3 will have a support NPC to guide you through the game. The room with the green roof is fixed to the left corner of the school gate. This is the permanent warehouse where you buy decorative items for your school. In order for a school to become famous, it needs to have a grand scene. The classrooms do not simulate the roof so players can see inside.

Pocket Academy 3 mod

Memorable festivals

Festivals and parties are special occasions that are indispensable in the life of students. The party area is usually held in the playroom area near the kitchen. With the participation of teachers and the entire number of students of the school. Place decorations like stuffed animals, balloons, fireworks everywhere to celebrate. Music, partying, shouting, cheerful atmosphere spread around. The score is calculated according to the number of students participating in this party. Want to attract more students and get good reviews. Invest carefully in decoration. Balloons shaped like pandas and rabbits. Or a pink ice cream model as tall as a person,…

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A civilized school will respect and support the individual interests of students. Therefore, build as many rooms as possible for the development of clubs. This place will be a place to connect the relationships of students and students. The tea ceremony club is dressed in kimono and the customs of the tea ceremony. Table tennis club with a blue table in the center. Painting club with decoration of different canvases. Football club with a small sandy yellow field for students to practice basic ball strokes. And there are countless other clubs put into operation with great enthusiasm.

Pocket Academy 3 apk

Counseling room

Pocket Academy 3 has a counseling room in a fixed corner. The students who come here are supported with emotional counseling, career guidance, relief, … Help students decide their uncertain future. But nothing is accessible here. There are two items for you to choose from. One is Listening to the concerns of students cost 13 books. Second, tell your inspirational story with a family of 10 books. Each student entering the room will display an emotion bar above their head. From happy to sad includes five levels with five different colors. Let’s make the emotional line go from green to red. Or is it from sad to extremely happy.

Pocket Academy 3 mod apk

In addition to the rooms for clubs, parties or sports. Classrooms also play an extremely important role in your school. This is also a place to earn more items, seeds, pens, books, etc. When there are group lessons, combine groups of students. Performing a perfect dance captures the attention of the students below. You will receive gifts. In addition to the classroom, there are areas for growing flowers and raising chickens to make the campus closer to nature. Download Pocket Academy 3 build your dream school.

How to Download & Install Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android


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