Doctor Who: Lost in Time MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 1.8.2

Updated 25/11/2023 (4 days ago)
NameDoctor Who: Lost in Time APK
PublisherEast Side Games Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Doctor Who: Lost in Time

Explore the force of spacetime and proceed to solve the cosmic world in Doctor Who: Lost in Time. You will become a doctor and take on the task of finding the power to save the world. The whole world’s civilization is threatened by enemies who want to take away life. They are intergalactic invaders, and your world is the target of attack. So you must travel all time and space and collect energy to protect the world. All over the universe are mysterious forms of power, and you must find a way to manage them. The world is in dire need of resources, and you are the one who can help the world manage beyond the galaxy.

You are an expert in spacetime and have made remarkable achievements. You learn that the universe was formed long ago and that there is a lot of energy in that space. But you have not yet known more about this force; a danger has appeared. They come from outer space and want to take over human civilization through the ages. They have destroyed the energy source for human development, and the world is being destroyed. You know the existence of extragalactic power and will try to save the world. Try to gather energy because the destiny of humanity and the universe is in your hands.

Doctor Who Lost in Time mod

Download Doctor Who: Lost in Time mod – Collect energy in space

This vast universe can be transported thanks to an invisible force in spacetime. This is a hidden resource that humanity has studied for a long time but has not yet touched. And you are a holder of a way of finding and making contact with space and time. But the time is not yet ripe, so you still need to continue to perfect the plan before implementing it. Your teleportation machine is being repaired and preparing to take you to space. And this becomes even more urgent when the enemy appears and threatens world civilization. Go to locations rich in space energy and collect them all to save the world.

Doctor Who Lost in Time apk

Extraterrestrial energy

Your world must have abundant energy to develop to a new level of civilization. That won’t be a big deal until the alien enemies show up. They look at humanity’s progress in the exploration of space energy. The enemy knows you’re a brilliant doctor and has created a spacetime teleporter. And they want to take over human civilization to serve the goal of colonizing the galaxy. But you will not be on the same line as the monsters, and you will begin to fight the enemy. Outer space energy is your credit; no one can take it away from humanity.

Doctor Who Lost in Time mod apk

Talented doctors

The Doctor of the human world is a creative professional credited with finding resources. They are responsible for exploring the vast spacetime beyond the universe to find alternative energy. And the doctors created a machine that teleports and contacts cosmic energy. You can choose a talented doctor and use the teleporter to the planets. Each land in the universe has its power, and the doctors will help you search. But facing them are cosmic enemies, and you must try to help them overcome. Choose talented doctors and travel with them through spacetime to gather energy.

Doctor Who Lost in Time mod apk

Against the enemy

Those who spy on human civilization and secretly teleport are alien enemies. They know the human search engine for space energy and are determined to take it. But it’s the work of talented doctors, and you have to defend it with them. So you will, and the doctors teleport to planets outside the vast universe. You can randomly encounter enemies after teleporting, but you can attack them. The energy you collect can counter the aliens and use it properly. Teleport through spacetime to find the enemies of humanity and prevent them from attacking.

Doctor Who Lost in Time android

Teleportation devices have helped talented doctors to teleport from spacetime to outer space. Humans know a lot of energy is out there, which is an opportunity to gather energy. But this led to the enemies in outer space, who were determined to attack. So you will be with the doctors to teleport to the outside and collect cosmic energies. They will fight with you against enemies and protect human resources. Doctors are also talented people, ready to explore more and more points with you. Download Doctor Who: Lost in Time mod to traverse the chaotic spacetime and collect cosmic energy.

How to Download & Install Doctor Who: Lost in Time MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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