Life Gallery MOD APK (Mở khóa tất cả chương trả phí) 2.0.0

Updated on 12/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameLife Gallery APK
Publisher751Games Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMở khóa tất cả chương trả phí
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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There are many interesting puzzle games available in the gaming market. If you are a lover of this kind of game, surely no stranger to mind games like Suduco, Silent Hill, Horror Escape… Most of these games have simple gameplay by moving and fitting. Match blocks to complete the challenge. But coming to Life Gallery you will be completely surprised with the design and gameplay that it brings.

It’s still a familiar puzzle game genre, but Life Gallery uses pictures to incorporate questions. Developed by 751Games, the game exposes players to mysteries through access to unique paintings. Those are images with depth and horror. Players will have interesting experiences with a very scary atmosphere. Released to the market not long ago, Life Gallery has received great support and attention from the gaming community. Pixel Art, Crazy Dino Park is also a game with a very interesting puzzle system that you should try.

Life Gallery mod apk

Download Life Gallery – Find a solution to the mysterious paintings

Life gallery is a puzzle game about a family with twins. It is a family with 2 children. A son with one eye and a son with one arm. It is even more special with the appearance of monstrous fish heads. There seems to be an unequal treatment in this family. And what is the story behind that house? To get answers to this question you have to find and move objects in the picture. Then chain the relationships, develop the plot. The player must use intelligence combined with his imagination and sensitivity to solve the mystery.

Life Gallery mod android

Diverse and attractive data warehouse.

Life Gallery is unique in building stories through paintings. That is why the pictures are the highlight of the game in terms of both quantity and content. Life Gallery offers more than 50 different paintings. Artwork like the Mona Lisa and Dance came into the Life Gallery creatively. They make up the different difficulty levels of the game. The pictures make players think. You will be immersed in a scary and mysterious world in Life Gallery. Each picture becomes an interesting and in-depth scenario.

Life Gallery mod free

Unique styling style

The unique feature that contributes to the fever of Life Gallery is its drawing style. Each picture is drawn with ink pen. The transformation in each stroke makes the player enjoy both playing games and drawing. The game becomes more and more lively. A series of secrets gradually revealed. It is a broken family. Is the emergence of an evil fishhead sect with mysterious beliefs. All are reproduced through paintings created by ink pen.

Life Gallery mod.

Simple gameplay

Life Gallery uses quite easy gameplay to help players quickly catch up with the game. You simply need to observe carefully and meticulously. Then manipulate the objects that appear in the picture to find their relationships. From there, connect the data to give answers and overcome the challenge. Each story hidden in the Life Gallery has compelling content. The familiar paintings are brought to players in a new and different way.

Life Gallery mod download

Sound effects

An indispensable factor contributing to the success of Life Gallery is the sound effects. Besides the investment in terms of graphics, the game is also very interested in the sound elements in the game. Life Gallery has a magical background music system. Players are caught up in the spiral of obsession in the game. Each sound is very authentic and scary. It makes the atmosphere in the Life Gallery extremely horror and haunting. The player must have both intelligence and be very brave when participating in the challenges of the game.

It can be said that Life Gallery is a quite successful game. Statistics show that the rate of game installs is very high. It has reached 500,000 downloads so far. And promises to increase in the future. However, Life Gallery only allows free experience in the first chapter. Subsequent chapters require a fee that is a limiting point for the game. Plus the Life Gallery has a horror element so it is also not recommended for children under 12 years old. So a large number of potential customers are also limited.

However, if you are a lover of games that challenge the brain or simply entertain, kill time, the Life Gallery will be a good choice. Lots of in-depth and brain-twisting puzzles will be brought to life by Life Gallery. You will no longer feel boring, monotonous when coming to the game. Download the Life Gallery mod together to explore interesting mysteries.

Download Life Gallery MOD APK (Mở khóa tất cả chương trả phí) for Android

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