Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.48.5

Updated 25/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameLegeclo: Legend Clover X APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK

Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK is a place to challenge your ability to accompany battle heroes. You will participate in a world of exciting tactical battles. This world was sealed off from the earth and appeared after a thousand years of separation. And this is your chance to meet legendary warriors and join them in battles. The danger remains, and monster enemies bring evil diseases to the Abyss continent. So it would be best to continue this war and end the world crisis. Command beautiful heroes to fight together against all calamities.

You will enter a new continent called Abyss when it is sealed with the earth. And the only people capable of doing this are the legendary gods on the moon. But the Abyss continent was sealed while disaster still existed in this world. So after appearing, those evil diseases continued to appear and infect people. Meanwhile, a young man was lucky enough to summon heroes with legendary powers. And his fate has changed since being recognized by them in a fateful meeting. Explore a world sealed after a thousand years as you battle with powerful heroes.

Legeclo Legend Clover X android

Download Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK – Explore the challenges of fighting with legendary warriors

A world sealed after a thousand years finally opened up, leading to many mysteries. But along with that are many evil diseases that continue to rage in this world. And to keep yourself safe, you are determined to accompany the warriors you summon. They are beautiful girls and will move towards challenges to push their limits. In this journey, you can learn the stories of the sealed continent. And the experience of fighting with them will be the most unforgettable time. Fight bravely on dangerous battlefields and conquer challenges with heroines.

Legeclo Legend Clover X mod apk

Team of beautiful heroines

You changed your destiny when exposed to the new world’s heroines. They appear from your remembrance and will accompany you to explore the challenges. And this world is likely to have many beautiful warriors still being sealed. So you can continue your quest to summon them using magical jewels. You find those items in battle and try to collect them. The ability to summon the heroine will increase if your number of jewels is large enough. Embark on a journey to protect the world when accompanying female warriors in Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK.

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Raise the strength of the whole team

The gods sealed the world of Abyss while still in a crisis. But hope appears when you summon beautiful warriors to fight. They can walk with you towards danger and fight with their powerful abilities. And to ensure victory, you need to increase their strength through training systems. You can also improve your relationship with warriors to discover a unique story. So your battle journey will become more interesting as you learn about them. Upgrade the power of female warriors and better understand female warriors through stories.

Legeclo Legend Clover X apk

Win and change the world

You have begun your combat mission with the female warriors in the Abyss world. And here, you can role-play combat and participate in the most potent challenges. Your goal is to protect the world from the dangers of evil crises. So you created a party of your favourite heroines to start the battle journey. Then you will confront a lot of monsters on significant square battlefields. It will be a fierce battle, and you must apply strategy to win. Defend the world against disease-carrying monsters by slaying them on battlefields.

Legeclo Legend Clover X mod

The battle journey begins again when you have the opportunity to become the companion of the heroes. They are talented female warriors and are still responsible for protecting the world. And thanks to your summoning ability, they join you in challenges. So you combine them into a beautiful party and enter the arena. That is where the battles against monsters occur, and you will defeat them with strength. But you need to increase the party’s strength to complete the goal of protecting the world. Download Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK to experience the feeling of fighting with heroines.

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