Bounce Ball: Magic Ball MOD APK 1.0.22 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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NameBounce Ball: Magic Ball APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gem
2. Unlocked Battle Pass
3. Unlocked All Heroes
4. No Ads

Your planet in the game Bounce Ball: Magic Ball needs to be protected by magic balls. Accomplices of evil monsters have appeared on your earth to destroy it. They want to rule the planet and need someone to stand up to protect the world from their attack. You will be one of the knights with magical powers that control balls to destroy enemies. Monsters lurk in each location, and you need to find them and attack. Magic balls will be released by you and deal damage to monsters in each level. Fight them with your magic ball and collect boosters on how it moves.

A beautiful world inhabited by round balls. The breeding of monsters to invade caused the world to be in chaos. They appear on the planet and want to assimilate cute balls to become evil. You must help the balls destroy all the monsters to overcome this accident. Get ready to stop them with the help of shadow dwellers and confront demons. You are a magician with the ability to control the ball to stop the bad guys in the game. The balls need to overcome the obstacles that prevent the way to destroy the monster. The control power is yours and guides the balls.

Bounce Ball Magic Ball mod

Download Bounce Ball: Magic Ball mod – Protect the world of balls

Evil enemies suddenly appeared on the planet of balls, intending to capture them all. They invade and want to turn all the balls into equal squares. This world needs to be protected, and that duty belongs to you, the magicians who control the ball. The balls are held with arrows in the direction you manage to find the enemy. The obstacles in the way before the monsters need your adaptation and the balls. Use your plan to control the direction of the balls to hit the enemy. The arrival of magicians like you marks the successful process of protecting the world.

Bounce Ball Magic Ball android

Roll over the challenge

Enter the world of balls, and you will see square enemies everywhere. To control the balls, you must observe everything and prepare mentally before the enemy. The obstacles will challenge your balls before attacking the monsters. You must use magic to make the balls run through the game’s challenges and robots. The barriers will damage the balls, and you will probably have to start over. You can also collect gold thanks to the balls that move along the way to the monster. Help the balls roll through the challenge and destroy all the aliens with your magic.

Bounce Ball Magic Ball apk

The power of the round ball

The balls need to go through fiery matches, and you have to upgrade the power of the ball. You can upgrade each ball by collecting its gold in battle. The shop gives your balls extra power beyond your magic support. The balls can also power up when passing levels at a rapid pace. Thanks to the loot, your magic will help the balls increase in strength daily. The stars along the way can help you get lucky in terms of skills for the ball. They are essential in helping your ball pass each monster screen more easily.

Bounce Ball Magic Ball free

Evil monster boss

The magical journey of the balls is always easy when meeting the minions of the monster boss. Those levels won’t stop the magic on the balls, and only monster bosses can. A final gate is always a scary place for the balls because it is to save the world. You cannot be subjective because the challenge determines whether the world of football is free or not. Evil bosses always want you and the ball exhausted before engaging in combat. Control the ball to keep the advantage carefully against the monster’s minions. The bonuses need to be collected a lot by the ball to upgrade skills before fighting the monster boss.

Bounce Ball Magic Ball mod apk

Strangely shaped creatures have taken over the safe world of balls. They want to catch all the balls on this planet to assimilate and develop this evil force. You need to join the rescue of the balls with your unique power in the game. Balls need you to enchant and become a warrior in your rolling journey to destroy monsters. Rolling through the challenge will be complex, but moving and collecting bonuses are possible. That is the basis for you and the winning balls in the future. Download Bounce Ball: Magic Ball mod uses magic to accompany rolling balls to destroy monster bosses.

Download Bounce Ball: Magic Ball MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) for Android

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