Last Mage Standing MOD APK 2.135.1481 (No Cooldown)

Updated on 07/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameLast Mage Standing APK
PublisherRoboto Games
MOD FeaturesNo Cooldown
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Challenge your ability to control magic and fight invading enemies in Last Mage Standing. The invaders want to invade the world of magicians and gain magical power. However, this world has many powerful mages that can join forces to fight against. You will meet many mages who can fight flexibly with their magic. Moreover, this mysterious power can also upgrade items to support heroes in battle. The mages also only supplement the world’s battle formation against the invaders. Control a squad of brave individuals, including magicians trying to protect the planet.

The magical world has many powerful magicians that have attracted the greed of invading enemies. They have been searching for this power for a long time and want to possess them to carry out their expansion plan. Waves of invasion are led to the world by the enemy and frantically rush in to destroy everything. Even though mages could use powerful magic, they couldn’t resist alone. They need a team of heroes and a commander to fight with integrity. The ability of magicians to support is excellent, and you should contribute to protecting this magical world—support magicians in the battle to come in contact and learn the magical powers of magic.

Last Mage Standing android

Download Last Mage Standing mod – Fight for the existence of the magical world

The land of magical power was part of the invasion plan of the cruel enemies. They crave this power and want to possess it to become more robust. But magic cannot fall into the wrong hands because they only want to carry out bad intentions. Only people with kindness are qualified to have this mighty mysterious power. You encounter monsters invading the magical world and need to support this place. Your actions will demonstrate your ability to gain magical power and protect the planet. Accompanied by magicians with outstanding magical power drive away invaders from the world.

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Guardians of magic

The world of magic has encountered an enemy attack but is not easily invaded. The heroic force is something that this world doesn’t have to confront those enemies. And even more special when this war has the contribution of magicians with magical power. They protect not only world peace but also the origin of the world. You can discover the power of warriors before fighting with magical powers. The guardians of this world will single-handedly resist the invaders because magic exists. So choose the guardians of the supernatural world and fight with this magical power.

Last Mage Standing mod

Magical hero alliance

The hero of the magical world has decided to protect the world, and it is up to you to help them. To help them fight, an alliance of supernatural heroes needed to be created to fight alongside them. Moreover, the heroes in the coalition can receive additional power from the mages. You can also guide your friends into this magical world and join the defence. A powerful alliance with the heroes of the supernatural world will stand against all enemies. Using the power of the magical partnership proves the enemy’s invasion wrong. Defend the entire magical world with the participation of supernatural heroes.

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The mission of the mages in this world is to support the heroes who can fight. Their magical power can enhance the alliance’s ability to conquer enemies. The mages will participate in the battles to protect this world with heroes’ partnership. They must also use their abilities to join the enemy defences on the tower. These towers will defend against enemies plotting to steal the world’s magical power. The outcome of this battle will show your ability to control your mystical power. Help the magicians of this world overcome the invasion of enemies who desire magic.

Last Mage Standing apk

You will be immersed in the magical power of the magicians in this magical world. They are people who use their energy sparingly, but the war does not allow them to do so. The enemy has invaded their world, and has no choice but to fight for peace. Their magical power is the best thing to motivate the hero to fight against the invasion. The alliance of supernatural heroes will be even stronger if there is magic to support the battle. The magicians of this world will also have to fight for their unique power. Download Last Mage Standing mod to use the magical power of mages against enemies.

Download Last Mage Standing MOD APK (No Cooldown) for Android

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