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Updated 06/04/2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Knots 3D

The types of knots will become more diverse and stronger when you use Knots 3D MOD APK. This is an exceptional application as it teaches you the surest ways to tie knots. There will be many cases where you need to secure a knot firmly to hold something. That’s the right time for you to use Knots 3D. Don’t be alarmed by the confusion and follow through. Knots 3D provides the most realistic 3D models for you to visualize the knots easily. Each type of knot has its certainty depending on the intended use.

Knots 3D APK mod includes 164 knots in a sufficient number of strings and knotting ways. All are used for many different purposes in life, such as vines, boat ties, fishing lines… Hundreds of different jobs will require different ways of knotting. And one thing is for sure: you can’t know all the ways to tie every situation. That’s why Knots 3D will provide it with all for you. For you to do it properly without encountering a dangerous accident or accident. Let’s take something as a model and start practicing knotting.

Knots 3D mod

Download Knots 3D mod – Tie knots in every way to serve life

The main interface of Knots 3D APK 8.9.0 is a manual of familiar knots that many people know in life. There are many different variations in each knotting ways based on the position and order of string placement. Tap a knot pattern for fully detailed written instructions. The tutorial is long and informative to give you a better understanding if you still can’t visualize the 3D model. It is also shown the pros and cons of each ligation. Use this knot in what jobs and situations. Accompanying that is a warning and possible dangers if the knot is not tied correctly. It would help if you tried all the knots before you used them.

Knots 3D mod apk

Hundreds of ways to tie knots

You wouldn’t think there are over 160 different ways to tie a knot. Each knot can include one, two, or more ropes. The material of the wire is also an important thing and is not the same in each job. When learning about a knot style, watch the video tutorial. The 3D model will move and perform the knotting process to give you the best visualization. If necessary, use your finger to zoom in on each position to make it easier to see. Finally, touch to interact with each knot and see how they work slowly.

Knots 3D mod apk free

Apply principles of physics

There are many particular ways of tying knots based on many physical principles. To create certainty and save as much wire as possible. There are ways of tying that only need 3 to 4 steps to complete. But there are also ways of tying that require dozens of steps to be sure. These knotting methods are applied to heavy loads such as boats, hanging heavy objects… All types of knots have their levels of complexity. Choose each level that corresponds to your job to make sure it is not too cumbersome or loose.

Knots 3D mod free

Make sure it is safe to use

While these knotting methods are very effective and proven by many laws of physics, you should still ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Using the wrong way of knotting sometimes does not affect too much. But there will also be times when it is dangerous to those around. So make sure you are tying the knot correctly and to the right extent. The consequences of tying the wrong knot can be very severe and difficult to improve.

Knots 3D free

Synthesize all the knotting methods for each type of rope to ensure it is as strong as possible. With simple, intuitive and easy-to-understand instructions, many people use Knots 3D to learn how to tie knots every day. Do you have many math problems just because you don’t know how to tie a knot? It’s time to use Knots 3D MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Knots 3D APK for Android


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