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Updated on 03/02/2023 (4 days ago)
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If you want to read books online right on your device, you should download Bookly. The development of technology has made anything possible on smartphones. One of them is reading books. Reading books helps you acquire new knowledge. Sometimes it can even show many strong emotions if it’s a good book. But the nature of work and conditions may not allow you to own the actual books. Then why not read those books on your smartphone. The acquisition of knowledge and experience on electronic devices is equally attractive. Bookly is the optimal choice that you should consider.

Reading application is probably no longer a strange concept to everyone. Bookly is a reading application that provides many famous books in the world. It is a system of textbooks put on smartphones for users to read instead of real books. With the cooperation from the author and developer, the content of the online books compared to the actual book also entirely coincides. That’s why everyone’s book will be the same. It’s just different in form and each person’s own experience.

Bookly mod

Download Bookly mod – Provide books and reading statistics of users

The number of books in Bookly is also difficult to count accurately. Offers books from every genre available on the market. Popular and much-loved books are bound to appear. From psychology, romance, science, short stories, novels… Your hobby cannot make it difficult for the number of books in Bookly. Indeed you will find the best works that you have not had the opportunity to read before. If you want to read a specific work, click on them and press the red button. Start reading in order of the first chapter. Scrolling down to read by eye or select audiobook mode to listen is also very interesting.

Those aren’t the only things Bookly has to offer. Apply the “gamification” mechanism to enhance the reading experience. Your reading statistics will be added to review your reading habits. After reading many different works and titles, the numbers in the statistics will surely increase. You will know how many books you have read. Along with that are unique achievements to encourage you to read more. This mechanism is quite new and also promotes the voluntary reading of users.

Bookly mod apk

Statistics of reading habits

The user’s reading habits statistics tool is the most exciting thing in Bookly. It will accurately count the number of books that you have read. Even more specific are parameters such as the number of words read over a while. Reading speed of chapters in a given work. Relative time to complete a book is how long. The number of books read by week, month, year, days you haven’t read, and the number of consecutive days you have read. This data is based on how fast you scroll your smartphone screen while reading a book or how quickly you speak while using an audiobook. These small achievements will also make users more motivated to read more books.

Bookly mod apk free

Book library management

Not only finding and reading the books you already know, but Bookly also provides a lot of new books for users to approach and get acquainted with. Maybe you’ll find your favorites through Bookly’s book recommendations. The app also has a dedicated space for lists of your favorite books. If you find a good book that you haven’t had time to read yet, add it to your favorites list. If you find a book in a store and want to read it on Bookly, scan the ISBN barcode on the text to see it in Bookly. Or search through the search box in the app.

Bookly mod free

Smart Bookly Assistant

This reading app also has an intelligent assistant of its own. This is an assistant programmed to recommend new and recommended books to read. It also helps remind users of your reading habits. Sometimes it’s better to take the time to read a few pages of a good book instead of having fun. This helps the brain be as comfortable and relaxed as listening to good music. If you want to read a book every day, set a reminder on time, so the assistant is always there to call you to read. Set a goal to read a certain number of books in a year. If you complete it, it will be great because you have absorbed a lot of helpful knowledge.

Bookly free

Maybe Bookly is not the new and most popular online reading application, but its quality is certainly not for users to complain about. With creativity from combining achievement elements when reading books. Remind you to read books on time and recommend more new books. Bookly mod will satisfy anyone who has a passion for reading.

Download Bookly MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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