Karate Fighting MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked characters) 3.3.9

Updated 21/02/2024 (5 days ago)
NameKarate Fighting APK
PublisherFighting Arena
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked characters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Karate Fighting

Martial art is a discipline that is interested in and developed throughout the history of people. Martial arts make the body develop, healthy and clear the meridians. As part of modern life, martial arts are used in self-defense. Fight, and put up on the fighting floors are extremely interesting. Like in the game Karate Fighting that I am going to introduce to you here. Jump to the martial arts arena. Where you can unleash your ultimate martial arts skills without any difficulty. Of course, only on smartphones! Using many moves to defeat the opponent in the admiration of the audience.

Take part in this exciting martial arts ring. Players will face off against the world’s top martial arts superstars. With all kinds of martial arts from countries like Japan’s Karate. Taekwondo in Korea, Muay Thai from Thailand, Kung Fu of China… Even boxing and many other attractive martial arts. This is a fighting game against the competition, you will control your character. Unleash powerful martial arts attacks, take down your opponents and become the world’s most powerful martial artist.

Karate Fighting mod mod

Download Karate Fighting mod – Professional fighting martial arts arena

Every martial arts match in Karate Fighting is the ultimate flying and beating show of the world’s boxers. In these matches, you will control your character to face off against opponents on the ring. Each person has their own 2 health and fitness bars. If the hit hits, the health will decrease until it is all gone and is considered a loss. When launching attacks and combos to attack opponents. Will consume a certain amount of stamina. If your stamina runs out, you won’t be able to hit hard, just punch and kick like normal. Of course, no one wants to take a full punch or kick right in the body.

During the match, you can practice using the buttons on the screen. Create combos of boxers in the order of certain buttons. If you succeed, you can even kill the opponent immediately. They are so powerful that you should be wary. Move back when you feel the danger, or you can block and reduce damage as much as possible. If you win, your fame will spread. Searching for professional leagues is much more difficult.

Karate Fighting mod free

Meet many top boxers

Character designs in Karate Fighting are modeled on real famous boxers. Especially the characters that went into legends. Like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and many other veteran characters in the martial arts world. Right now you can experience their own characters. But that doesn’t mean you will automatically fight professionally. All martial arts are performed by your own hands. The appearance of legendary boxers helps you to be more confident in your graceful attacks.

Karate Fighting mod pure

Clear tournaments highlights

The tournament system is clearly divided from amateur to master. You will start your journey from the lowest-ranked tournament. Getting over here is quite simple when you just need to defeat the weak in a gentle and quick way. Gradually increase their influence from the awards of the tournaments. If all goes well, you will advance in the premium leagues. A place where many martial artists are gathered with high talents. At first, you might be overwhelmed by their strength. But if you get used to it and have a high intensity of practice. Surely you will easily show the world your power.

Karate Fighting free

Establish a guild to compete in martial arts

When you have become a veteran martial artist with a lot of combat experience. Surely there will be a lot of people who want to come and accept friends as teachers. And also to compare high and low assets. Don’t hesitate to enroll them in your clan. Strengthen everyone in the state with knowledge and practice. After everyone got stronger. Sign up for the exciting state tournament. Gathering many counterweight groups in the world. There were only two options in this place, namely leaving or proclaiming. Which option will you choose? It completely depends on your ability.

Karate Fighting mod

Hopefully with so much background information. I can deeply convey to you this fascinating martial arts game. There’s nothing wrong with playing martial arts games. But sometimes you should also limit your gameplay. Get out and exercise to make your body healthier. Or might you even get inspired to learn real martial art? If so, don’t fret but download Karate Fighting mod to become the most powerful fighter.

How to Download & Install Karate Fighting MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked characters) for Android


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