K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) 2.03

Updated 02/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameK-POP Idol Producer APK
PublisherBuildup Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK K-POP Idol Producer

With the explosion of Korean idol groups today, young people are completely crazy about the attractiveness of Idols. Catching up with that trend, Buildup Studio has produced the K-POP Idol Producer game. Inspired by creating an idol training company. K-POP Idol Producer simulates almost the entire process of formation and development of an entertainment company. Come with us and train together and produce the most popular K-POP groups.

Are you a big fan of K-POP? If yes, then it is definitely impossible to ignore this game. K-POP Idol Producer will tell you more about the life of an Idol. From being cast to being a trainee and finally becoming a famous idol with hundreds of thousands of fans. All will take place under your control. That means you are the director of their management company. It’s fascinating, isn’t it!

K POP Idol Producer apk

Download K-POP Idol Producer mod – Stir the Korean entertainment world

Referring to K-POP, people will immediately think of cult groups and beautiful and talented Idols. The groups that have made a name in the Korean entertainment world must be mentioned such as BigBang, Girls’ Generation, Black Pink, BTS, EXO,… Behind their resounding success are months of extremely hard practice. . In addition, the role of the host company is also extremely important. The company is the place for training, orientation, and album production. A good company will be solid support and bring success to stars and groups.

K POP Idol Producer apk Android

Recruiting bright interns

Coming to K-POP Idol Producer, players will enter the process of creating idol groups. As with any game, players have to go from the most basic first steps. You will have a small company just like a Studio room. A beautiful manager will help you run the company. She’ll give you important guidelines for decision-making.

K POP Idol Producer Mod

The first step to creating a music group is recruiting trainees. The game will first make a choice about whether the company’s first group is male or female. Once selected, you will begin recruiting interns. There are many beautiful and talented girls and boys for you to choose from. Tap on a character to get more detailed information about them. Includes information about rap ability, vocals, charm, creativity, dancing skills, etc. After reviewing, choose the trainee that best fits your desired group formation.

Articles of entertainment company

To train an excellent Idol requires a lot of processes. The first is to arrange for the trainees a position in the group that is suitable for their talents and available factors. A girl, a guy who dances well will be in the lead dance position. Or a good, powerful voice will be a lead vocal. The person who has the ability to lead the group is of course the leader. The reasonable arrangement of the members will take the group further in the future and attract many fans.

K POP Idol Producer Android

After creating groups you need to expand and upgrade your company. It is necessary to create more rooms for the interns to practice, rest and many other activities. Besides, hiring more staff such as manager, stylist, choreographer, musician,… Hire more staff to help you manage the company easily. Because the number of jobs will increase as your company grows stronger.

K POP Idol Producer MOD APK

Training process

You need to arrange for your interns daily practice hours to hone their skills. Then went into composing the title songs, practicing choreography. Finally, release albums and perform at events. In addition, K-POP has a lot of big and small competitions. Groups will compete against each other for the top spot on the chart. KBiz is a fierce arena, so your group must have great songs and attractive performances to stand firmly on the charts.

K POP Idol Producer APKMODY

Prepare for every show

In order to have a successful performance, idols must prepare well. When the singing and dancing parts are ready, the next part is the visuals. The company needs to prepare them with appropriate clothes and hairstyles. Thus, the new Idols really shine on the stage. Taking pictures with fans, promoting products, and reducing ticket prices will attract a lot of public attention. These are the marketing strategies that need to be implemented when running an entertainment company.

K POP Idol Producer MODAPK

From a K-POP fan, you can now become the director of an idol group’s management company. Manually training a potential new generation of Idols in the entertainment industry. Delivering top-notch performances and engaging audiences. Download now K-POP Idol Producer mod, stir up the music market, and assert your bravery to run the world’s largest entertainment company.

How to Download & Install K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) for Android


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