Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money/VIP) 1.4.6

Updated 07/10/2023 (10 months ago)
NameStone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/VIP
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon

You would often think that prehistoric times are incredibly boring with backward people living? That won’t be the case anymore because Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon will be completely different. Build a massive park of your own with a lot of unique entertainment activities. Earn lots of money from visitors and invite them to use your services. Turn a lonely and empty place into a crowded and fun hub. This is a way of thinking ahead of your time that you need to take advantage of.

Idle games like Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon is loved by many players. All thanks to gameplay mechanics that allow you to be lazy but still grow. The built context is also very unique, which is the Stone Age. Immerse yourself in a fantasy ancient world filled with extinct creatures. Witness a society with the potential to develop in ways no one could have imagined. You will be able to use a lot of valuable things.

Stone Park Prehistoric Tycoon mod

Download Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon mod – Build a prehistoric development park

As a person of remarkable intelligence, you came up with a pretty bold idea and implemented it. That is to create an amusement park with the unique prehistoric style ever. Here everything is made of stone and bone tools. Starting from the minor thing is to build a parking lot for tourists. Then improve and build game buildings like roller coasters or Ferris wheels. Your guests will come and pay for all these services. You were bringing you a constant source of income even when you are not active in the game. The dream of becoming a wealthy tycoon will not be far away.

Stone Park Prehistoric Tycoon mod free

Variety of games

Of course, if you want to become a large park, everything must be diverse to choose from. Your rides will include a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, water park, and racing. At first glance, these will be very sketchy and less attractive for players to join. So after you have enough funding, you can choose and upgrade them. Each game, when you upgrade, you will see it change very clearly. More significant, friendlier, more solid, and can attract more tourists. The money you make will quickly make up for the loss and allow you to develop future projects.

Unlock new themes

The theme you choose will help the park create its appeal to attract customers. So you can proceed to unlock new topics to increase the amount of money collected. There will be excellent options like the ice age, mountain peak travel, water island, deep-sea, and many more. Each theme will require a certain amount of money to be able to upgrade. After unlocking, you will get an additional percentage of earnings per second. Make what you gain become significantly more than before. Witnessing the appearance of the entire park being transformed miraculously. No place can invest as heavily as what you manage.

Stone Park Prehistoric Tycoon mod apk

Unlock other things

In the process of playing, you will have two different currencies, coins, and money, to use for many purposes. The funds will usually be used to upgrade the buildings or the theme of the entire park. Cash will be used to buy decorations to make the garden more eye-catching. You can buy a gorilla to place in locations around the park. Buy mysterious dinosaur eggs to see what’s in them. Upgrade your customer’s VIP level to get more income. The benefits that coins will bring are always more than money in many different respects. However, gold is complicated to find because it is a rare unit in this game.

Stone Park Prehistoric Tycoon mod android

Promotion is always an effective form of attracting tourists when you want to expand your scale. When using this function, you will immediately invite more visitors. The number of people using the service at this time will also increase dramatically and help you earn more money. Maybe double and even triple depending on the tourist arrivals. However, it will only work for a certain period. After that, it will take a long time to recover and start using again. However, you can use the coin to promote its use, giving it more time to be valid. Let’s play Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon mod now.

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