Jewel chaser MOD APK 1.27.0 (Auto win)

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NameJewel chaser APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The same jigsaw puzzles seem too familiar to you, right? But a similar game that is slightly modified will surely delight you. Jewel Chaser will take you to a sea of ​​precious treasures you must conquer. Keep going through super fascinating challenges to find the treasure. The space of the blue sea with an inspiring atmosphere will be a gift for your daily entertainment. You will find various valuable jewelry blocks, select and reassemble. An extremely familiar playing motif but in a more beautiful new version. Join Jewel Chaser to conquer precious jewels!

Your mission is to find the treasure on the deserted island. Under the space of the blue sea and the golden sunshine, you will take turns performing the tasks. Each round that you pass has a progressively more challenging level. Be patient to unlock unique rings to reach the treasure soon. Jewel Chaser is suitable if you love games with simple rhythm and content. This is an opportunity to quickly test your eyes to find three similar shapes. Challenge yourself to see if you can pass the rounds in the most record time. You will be the master to conquer and find the treasure box in the wild sea at the earliest.

jewel chaser mod

Download Jewel Chaser mod – Quickly find the treasure

Does the wilderness of the deserted island dampen your spirit? You need to do the simple quest in Jewel Chaser to find the treasure. Colorful and shaped gems can confuse you many times. Find three of the same to connect and gradually unlock. Do not choose any stone by inertia, but have a careful calculation. Every single stone you remove will change the whole composition a lot. Therefore, be very careful when moving any rocks. The way to the treasure will become shorter and shorter as you pass more rounds. Jewel Chaser with more than 1000 levels for you to freely try. Be very focused and carefully calculate when starting to play with the gems.

jewel chaser apk free

Both simple and difficult

The jigsaw puzzle is undoubtedly not a new topic. You may only need to check it out once to play easily for Jewel Chaser. The game’s mechanism is simply to find the same shape to join and break the hidden parts. It would help if you were very observant before choosing them to go together. Each combined gem will create a new layout of the whole board. They can affect stones that are hidden or locked. You need to open them all to quickly pass the round and continue to get closer to the treasure. The gameplay is straightforward, but Jewel Chaser will force you to think and observe. The game seems very easy, but sometimes it makes you regret choosing the wrong one. This fun is the plus point that Jewel Chaser brings to most players.

jewel chaser apk

Super attractive rewards

You will be highly pleased with the reward store that Jewel Chaser brings. When you overcome the challenges, you will receive a lot of gifts. They are also a factor that helps you accumulate and quickly find mysterious treasures. Watches, necklaces, and rings with colored diamonds will be your rewards. Try to get as many gifts as possible. The next rounds will come with much more difficult challenges. You can use the magic hammer in necessary cases. Sometimes the layout of the gems is not so favorable that you can’t handle it. You will encounter a lot of locked cells that can’t be conquered quickly. Don’t forget to find a way to unlock them first to facilitate that turn. Some of the superpowers in Jewel Chaser can help you do this very quickly.

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Attractive color interface

If you look for a player attraction in Jewel Chaser, you can immediately see its brilliance. The highly brilliant stones will make you more excited to conquer. You won’t take your eyes off the effects directly controlling the game. There are tons of epic products when you join many similar shapes that completely change the composition. In addition, the space of the sea and islands and a lovely captain also make you more interested. You will have an experience like an exciting wild island exploration. Take control of the gems and find the treasure. Opportunity is simple with the ability of eyes and hands. You will conquer more than 1000 super exciting rounds!

jewel chaser mod apk

The improved version of the jigsaw puzzle now makes players more excited. You won’t need to spend much time learning how to play. But to conquer the game, you need skillful observation and calculation. Download Jewel Chaser mod to immediately destroy the squad of gems and quickly claim the treasure in the blue sea.

Download Jewel chaser MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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