iSurvivor MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/God mode) 1.0.41

Updated 13/06/2024 (5 days ago)
NameiSurvivor APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK iSurvivor

iSurvivor MOD APK is a place to test your survival against waves of monsters. You will start your combat missions on different dangerous battlefields. That’s where armies of monsters constantly emerge and attack you in a rush. They received orders to destroy the world of demon bosses and are working hard to carry out the plan. So you have to stand up to protect people and other living things. And you’ll battle hero control in survival challenges. Ready to fight waves of monsters, destroying them to save the human world.

The human world has become the target of evil monsters attacking and destroying. They will rush in from all directions and push the world to the brink of survival. And to continue living, humanity needs help from the heroes you are allowed to control. They have great power and will fight with all their might against monsters. So you will join the heroes in entering the battlefields and fighting to destroy them. If you survive in combat, the monsters will not be able to accomplish their goals. Attack monsters in dungeon battlefields and protect humans from disaster.

iSurvivor mod

Download iSurvivor MOD APK – Survive and fight to keep the world safe

You will become the person who, along with the heroes, participates in battles against enemies. They appeared from underground and attacked all creatures of this world. Everything has been almost destroyed, and the hope of survival is now in your hands. That’s when you unite to fight against continuous attacks from the army of monsters. And with the mission of protecting the world, you will participate in challenging combat adventures. Your task will be to escape the monster’s pursuit and rescue everyone. Become the world’s hero by surviving the onslaught of demons.

iSurvivor apk

Accidents of the world

The monsters rising from the ground are the enemies you must face in battles. However, to be ready to fight, you need to understand the situation the world is facing. And when you start, you will see monsters appearing everywhere and chasing people. In addition, other living creatures also become targets that they want to destroy. As a result, the beautiful human world has become a lifeless ruin. So you must avoid direct encounters with them and gather your fighting army. Learn about the world’s disasters when monsters appear and prepare to survive in iSurvivor MOD APK.

iSurvivor mod apk

Control powerful heroes

You will accompany the heroes who survived the monster disaster to fight the challenge. They gain the power to help you stop and destroy each army of monsters controlled by the boss. So tap and hold to move your hero in combat missions. That will be the journey to rush into the waves of monsters to achieve the rescue goal. They are your trapped allies; join them to form an army after success. Besides, you will also control the hero to collect equipment and items while fighting. Show your faith in defeating the monster disaster while holding your hero.

iSurvivor android

Combat features

Your mission is to survive amid waves of attacks from an army of brutal monsters. They combine monsters and zombies so that they will be very bloodthirsty in battles. So, use your hero’s skills to increase your survival time. Heroes also need suitable items to fight, and you help them choose. Besides, you need to learn about heroes’ skills with battle strategies. And your ultimate goal is to defeat all monsters and become the hero of the world. Survive on the edge of survival while fighting against monsters that attack humans.

iSurvivor free

You have begun your journey of challenging combat against waves of enemies. They are an army of zombies and brutal monsters that will destroy the world’s life. And as a disaster survivor, you must stop the world’s danger. So you will control your heroes to fight to prevent the disaster from continuing. Then, you will use special features in combination with heroes to win challenges. And you must prove your survival skills even against brutal monsters. Download iSurvivor MOD APK to fight with the power of heroes and protect the human world.

How to Download & Install iSurvivor MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/God mode) for Android


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