Ghosts of War MOD APK (Unlimited ammo, high range) 0.2.18

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NameGhosts of War APK
PublisherXDEVS LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo, high range
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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War always brings unhappiness and suffering to all humanity in the world. Not only that but the soldiers were also forced to take up their guns and step out into the battlefield. Come to Ghosts of War to see more of this horror. Choose your side and fight hard for your beloved country. Join fierce gunfights to destroy the enemies that are approaching you. Then, surviving to return in triumph over everyone’s admiration.

Do you love the events that happened during the second world war? Ghosts of War will portray the most truthfully all that happened there. The way the image is built to the way of fighting is similar to reality. Let everyone experience the feeling of holding a gun and standing on the battlefield. Making the most meaningful victories for yourself with your own hands. Challenge professional shooters from all over the world.

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Download Ghosts of War mod – Fight for the ideals of the country

Soldiers are an important element of each faction in wars. They decide the victory and always volunteer to go to battle even if they die. As a volunteer soldier on the battlefield, pick up your gun. To fight, master the basic controls first—proficient use of buttons such as moving, aiming, firing, and reloading. Place the reticle on the enemy’s position and fire until they fall. Destroy until there are no remaining enemies. You will win. Combat skill is something you should practice regularly to improve it.

Headshots are always effective against enemies in front of you. It allows you to finish the opponent and prevail quickly. However, to be able to headshot is not as easy as you imagine. This is a tough process, so slowly feel and get used to it.

Ghosts of War mod download

Various maps

As we have learned, the world war took place on many famous battlefields. So to increase the variety, Ghosts of War has created a few different options. Those are battlefield maps that are recreated like history. Bringing new fighting sensations and extra stimulation. You will have to get used to the new way of moving because the structure of each place is completely different. A dry sandy desert with intense heat can be difficult. Large battlefield with bombs regularly dropped around you. The vast coastline where the enemy landed by water was also a dangerous place.

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Choose your soldier

In Ghosts of War, you don’t have to be on a certain faction. You can be anyone you want the most, even your enemies. There will be characters created corresponding to the faction they belong to. The factions that participated in the world war included the US, Russia, Japan, and Germany. If you want to fight for any team, then join that team. There is no moral code to force you into this game. Each soldier has their own heroic beauty in battle. Your choices are always equal and right in all different situations. Regardless of who you are, fight hard to get the victory.

Ghosts of War mod apk free

Huge arsenal

This is definitely something that every player wants when playing a game of smack. So, of course, Ghosts of War will not disappoint you with what it brings. Guns from every variety will almost appear in the arsenal. All are guns used by armies of different countries in combat. Symbolizes their brave spirit unafraid of hardship. Your arsenal can hold three different weapons. Choose the main guns such as submachine guns or rifles, shotguns to equip in the first box. The second slot will be for small self-defense pistols, and the last will be melee weapons like daggers.

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Camouflage and accessories

To increase the attractiveness of this game, Ghosts of War has added some good features. With each gun, you can freely change its appearance—lots of different options for you to look at and find one you like. Any gun can be transformed according to your style. Not only that, but you can also hang small lucky charms on the side of your gun. Ghosts of War mod is not a boring war game. It is a masterpiece taken care of by artistic hands. Every frame, every detail depicts a bloody battlefield.

Download Ghosts of War MOD APK (Unlimited ammo, high range) for Android

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