Infinity Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Onehit/God/No skill CD) 2.7.3

Updated 03/06/2023 (6 months ago)
NameInfinity Heroes APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Onehit/God/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes is an action role-playing game with the strongest warriors in the world. Everyone desires and is passionate about becoming a righteous hero, except for the wicked. Defending the kingdom from the onslaught of the monster army is your top task. On the adventure ahead, you and your teammates fight to the best of your ability. Break through the enemy’s defenses, causing them to die like stubble. Each slash of the warrior on the enemy generates gold coins. In addition, at the end of each battle, the player can win secret gift chests if the player wins. Both are eradicating tyranny and protecting the kingdom from suffering.

With a plot similar to other role-playing games, players need to destroy all enemies that stand in their way. Especially boss monsters with boundless power. Thanks to these monsters, players can earn a lot of money. Use this money to buy more equipment and upgrade skills. In addition, the support skills that the game provides also make it easier for you to fight. Players can go through thousands of challenges as a level game, from easy to complex. Each challenge brings a new experience and the opportunity to own rare heroic warrior cards.

Infinity Heroes mod

Download Infinity Heroes mod – Accompany all warriors to destroy the army of monsters.

The adventure on the vertical screen is quite thrilling. The game screen is divided into two main parts; the upper half is the fierce battle. Below are the stats, characters, and skill systems of the warriors. The game attacks in an intuitive way; the player constantly moves forward. If there are enemies, monsters appear in the way, and with a sufficient distance, your character automatically attacks the enemy. Suppose you want more vital attack stats, shorten the time to destroy the enemy. In addition to upgrading stats, players can use the skill system. Includes skills with the destructive solid power of many different power systems.

Infinity Heroes apk free

Army of warriors

Players have the opportunity to own many different warrior cards. Each warrior the game offers has a unique power and attack manipulation—a Berserker warrior with the ability to cut down enemies with a single punch. The Crusader can defend and protect the entire team with a shield of power. In a single attack, some hunters can shoot multiple arrows at the enemy’s head. The Shaman with powerful abilities can revive his teammates, but only once. The Bard uses music to attack enemies but also protects teammates with his abilities. Or a knight with a sharp sword finishing off enemies on a single note.

Infinity Heroes android

More than 200 items

As is known, players can receive equipment cards, characters, or skills as rewards. There is a lot of equipment, from clothes, weapons, and jewelry, that are beautifully designed. Players can freely use more than 200 diverse item samples them for their character. Depending on the item’s rarity, the player can also increase the character’s attack stats—up to 6 items, including clothes, weapons, and jewelry. Players can also upgrade these items in the smelter. Combine them with the collected gems to increase the power of the item. From there, the combat ability of the hero you own also increases.

Infinity Heroes mod apk

Diverse content

Each location that the player explores contains a different story. After completing the mission in one area, the player can unlock the next area to continue the journey. At each location, the game’s requirements are not the same. Explore the dark dungeon that hides many mysteries. Along with that, collect a lot of loot hidden in this area. Or challenge the sky tower; just winning in this area can prove your ability. In addition, players can also compete with other players through PvP battles. The final winner is the strongest on the leaderboard.

Infinity Heroes apk

The exciting thing that the game brings is besides the fighting moments. Players can also live peacefully by building a kingdom with their friends. But this can also be the reason for the war when there are territorial disputes. Build towers, walls, and secret bases. Depending on the player’s design ability, each area will exude its color. Moreover, players can also name their kingdom. Download Infinity Heroes mod to join the role-playing war to destroy all monsters that appear on the way.

How to Download & Install Infinity Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Onehit/God/No skill CD) for Android


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