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Updated 15/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce MOD APK iFasting Pro

iFasting Pro MOD APK is an effective solution that helps users perform intermittent fasting efficiently and successfully. It is also an advanced tool for those who want to learn about the benefits of intermittent fasting. It helps users maintain this eating behavior conveniently and plan with countless valuable features. More than just an eating style, intermittent fasting also allows for balanced health and lifestyle.

The important thing is not what people eat but when and how they eat. Therefore, popular intermittent fasting methods such as 16/8, 5/2, and 14/10 are often mentioned for their ability to maintain health and lose weight, attracting attention effectively. And iFasting Pro serves as the connection between individuals and this adventure. Today, we will look at the features of this software and see how users can use it to track fasting hours and create customized plans.

iFasting Pro mod android

Download tasting Pro MOD APK – Set up and track intermittent fasting periods

iFasting Pro allows users to quickly set and track their fasting intervals while adhering to intermittent fasting strategies. By changing the clock settings in the app, users can promptly set fasting hours. Set your fasting period’s start and end times and make your diet. For example, if you want to use the 16/8 method, you can plan your eating schedule to start at noon and end at 8 p.m. Once the fasting time has been set, iFasting Pro will calculate and display the remaining time until the user can resume eating. It helps individuals maintain a planned, adequate diet while strictly following the fasting regimen and not missing important moments.

iFasting Pro mod apk free

Provides detailed charts and statistical data

By providing detailed charts and statistics, iFasting Pro helps users easily set and track fasting times and evaluate their results and progress over time. An essential factor that allows individuals to maintain motivation and fasting goals. Visual charts will show users their level of success, how long they have been fasting, and how long they have left before they can eat again. Therefore, users can track their eating habits for a day, a week, or even a month. In addition, more accurate and thorough information will be provided by iFasting Pro by statistics. Users can evaluate their performance from total fasting time, the number of times the fasting program has been completed, and more.

iFasting Pro mod android free

Reminder and alarm to notify time

Intelligent alerts and reminders are built into iFasting Pro software to help users conveniently maintain their fasting schedule and ensure they do not miss critical periods. With the help of this function, users can set reminders and alarms for the start and end of the fasting period. The software will then send notifications or sound an alarm when a predetermined time is reached to let the user know when the fasting period begins or ends. So, the correct fasting schedule will be followed, and users will benefit from structure and regularity in a healthy lifestyle. Individuals do not need to remember timetables using a clock or notepad because iFasting Pro MOD APK will send timely reminders.

iFasting Pro mod

Add notes and feelings when fasting

Allowing users to provide comments and insights about how they feel during their fasting period is one of the unique features of iFasting Pro. This helps users better understand their bodies and get the most out of their fasting experience without feeling pressured. While fasting, this tool tracks users’ emotions, thoughts, and physical health. Users can record changes in appetite, thirst, energy, or even concentration levels. Or identify your eating habits and better understand how your body responds to fasting by tracking this information over time. iFasting Pro assists users in discovering methods to improve their fasting experience, helping users find the correct way.

iFasting Pro mod apk

To help users achieve their goals and have the best fasting experience possible, iFasting Pro MOD APK has created a complete platform to define their fasting schedule, track their progress, and record their feelings effectively.

How to Download & Install iFasting Pro APK for Android


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