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Updated 26/02/2024 (5 months ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Water Tracker

With seventy per cent of the body being water, it can be said that water plays a vital role in human life. Believe it or not, drinking the necessary amount of water can significantly improve our health. However, the seemingly simple thing is drinking enough water daily. Not everyone can. It seems that the more modern society is, the more hustle and bustle people quickly forget about their health; many people keep spinning in life and then ignore the most important thing is to replenish water For the body. Then when the body is exhausted, it is no longer just a matter of drinking water; now, we will have to pay the price with a lot of hospital fees and money to buy medicine to treat it.

So from today, everyone needs to be aware of the importance of drinking enough water daily So that users never forget to add water; the Water Tracker application was born. Like a personal assistant, this app will always be available and notify users when to drink water. Just a minimal action like drinking water will surprise users with the results it brings.

Water Tracker mod android

Download Water Tracker mod – Never forget to drink water

Water Tracker is a handy application capable of reminding users to replenish water in the body daily; through the indicators the user provides, it will design a separate drinking process tailored to the individual. Users can decide how the application’s notifications reach them so that the process does not make them uncomfortable. Not only a simple reminder, but Water Tracker also details the user’s water drinking history and displays it in a chart so that the user can control the water intake and notice the change every day. Drink enough water according to Water Tracker’s daily reminders; users will see their health improve significantly.

Water Tracker mod apk free

Reminder to drink water every day

Before going into operation, Water Tracker will ask users some basic information such as lifestyle, weight, gender, and weather to be able to calculate the appropriate amount of water that users need to replenish each day. Users can set up their drinking routine with just four easy steps. Thinning, Water Tracker will issue reminders to drink water from the de from Morning, Noon, Afternoon, to Eveningvice. Users only need to drink water, according to the reminder. Is okay? Notifications are also exciting; users can decide how this application reminds them. Using the available alarms or adding the sounds that the user loves is also okay; with Water Tracker drinking enough water will no longer be a concern.

Water Tracker mod android free

Statistics of drinking water history

They are not only stopping at the reminder but Water Tracker also statistics the user’s entire drinking water process. Thanks to that, users can track the amount of water they have loaded into their bodies and check if there are times when they neglect to drink water. Through this feature, users can also see their daily progress, and the application also shows users’ water drinking habits through graphs with weekly and monthly statistics. Now, users of Water Tracker can compare their water drinking habits to before and simultaneously control the amount of water they consume each day so that they are neither too much nor too short. Completing the task of drinking enough water well can also be considered a commendable achievement, and users can completely share this with friends.

Water Tracker mod apk

Many amazing benefits

Users will be surprised at the benefits of the small cups of water they drink daily. Not just refreshment, adding enough water for the body will help maintain work efficiency, reduce stress and fatigue, fight back pain, support weight loss, eliminate Eliminate headaches, stimulate the digestive system to work effectively, nourish the skin, increase resistance, prevent kidney stones, remove toxins from the body, reduce the risk of heart attack and countless benefits another amazing. Just follow the prompts of Water Tracker to drink water correctly, and after a short time, users will find that their health will be significantly improved, they rarely get sick, and their brains often fall into depression. Stress and mental health also improve.

Water Tracker mod

Download Water Tracker mod and experience drinking enough water in a friendly reminder daily and according to your schedule.

How to Download & Install Water Tracker MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Android


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