Idle Pocket Planet MOD APK 1.1.1 (Free Rewards)

Updated on 19/01/2023 (1 week ago)
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Planets are created in a rather strange way in Idle Pocket Planet. That’s why they don’t look like ordinary planets at all. Those are actually cute creatures that the creator himself built. The creator is not someone else but you. Use all the materials from the universe and combine them. They are synthesized into a lovely product with life on it. Conquer and take over all these cute planets. Turn them into places that you can use as resources. Help people become self-sufficient in essential things.

Coming from a developer named HyperBeard, Idle Pocket Planet promises to be a perfect game for you. It has futuristic world-themed gameplay that explores the universe. With unique technologies, humans have overcome the space barrier. Go to vast sections of the galaxy that contain particular planets. These trips give you some fantastic discoveries and always happen continuously. Manage the things in your possession so that they grow. So by your will to explore, you will create change yourself. These changes help the Earth reach further.

Idle Pocket Planet mod free

Download Idle Pocket Planet mod – Explore planets in the universe

The modern world has given us genuinely modern spacecraft technology. Now, this spacecraft will be used to uncover the mystery of space. We land on any planet that we feel is reasonable. Then it is to exploit all the resources on it vigorously. Obtain a variety of resources that you never had before. They are highly valued and portable for use in many industries. So when you earn money, you can move on. Each planet is a vast gem mine, don’t let go of them without getting anything. This open future also gives you a sense of joy. Look at the expressions of the planets and observe the changes.

Create settlements

There will be enough conditions on the planets for humans to conduct life. That’s why we build space settlements. These surfaces will form a dense population network. Ensure the best possible human population growth. It is possible to combine these settlements into a system—link from planet to planet to save time. You wouldn’t expect the world to be so comfortable. With each colonization, a new home is born. New mining buildings are built next to it to get resources. Give the residents their special upgrades and perfect life.

Idle Pocket Planet mod

Collect artifacts

On every planet you discover, there is something you can store. Those are the precious artifacts left over from the previous civilization. When you find enough, you can combine them to form scientific journals full of information. These journals are included in your collection. These magazines are inserted and decorated for your ship. Make it a place to store all the trips taken. So you have a great place to send love. Mining efforts are always retained as achievements. Show that the power of people and technology is taking over everything. You are considered the ruler of the universe.

Idle Pocket Planet mod apk

Discover new planet

When a new planet is discovered, it has a unique shape. It is featured because the resources on it are coloured like that. There is a planet that will have all seawater and a few continents. There’s a desert planet, and it’s orange on its body. Some planets are greener with more trees than the Earth. So we already know our goal with the Idle Pocket Planet mod.

Download Idle Pocket Planet MOD APK (Free Rewards) for Android

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