Idle Burger Tycoon MOD APK (Free upgrade) 2.5.6

Updated 01/12/2022 (1 year ago)
NameIdle Burger Tycoon APK
PublisherClicker Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Burger Tycoon

Just average burgers can make you rich in Idle Burger Tycoon. This is not a joke but a reality. You will start trading this item with your abilities. Scaling up and growing it more widely available to everyone. Create credibility with customers more and more so that they can be attracted. Spread to the whole world and become famous as prominent businessmen. Are you willing to give up everything to get yourself subsequent success?

Burgers in life are trendy fast food. There are already a lot of big stores that can thrive off of their business. This product is now included in Idle Burger Tycoon with a new look. You can immediately visualize their development. From the basics can create huge successes. Feel the power and run a billion-dollar empire like billionaires. If you can’t get rich in real life, you can become rich in Idle Burger Tycoon much easier.

Idle Burger Tycoon mod apk

Download Idle Burger Tycoon mod – Burger business easily

You decide to do business with it by grasping a burger recipe that can’t be beaten. First, we will hire chefs to be able to run the shop. Build a parking lot so customers can come and order food. Products will be delivered to your destination very quickly. Customers do not have to get off the bus or do anything else. A fast service model and quality food will help you earn a steady income. Do not forget to improve all elements to make your cake perfect. Thanks to that, it was possible to take advantage of it to become one of the big stores. Increasing profits will create growth.

Get creative with burgers.

The burgers don’t just stop at a specific recipe. Your store needs to make it more diverse to serve customers. Make them feel the new medicine in each cake made. Once you have enough capital, you can buy a new burger recipe. Then upgrade the operation lines and the chefs so they can afford to perform. The new burgers will cost significantly more than the other burgers. Their quality will also go hand in hand with the customer’s spending. So what would you put in these burgers? Some secret and exciting ingredients?

Idle Burger Tycoon mod free

Speed ​​boost

As the number of customers increases, the speed also needs to increase. Your chefs need to be more active in fulfilling orders. You can touch these chefs to stimulate their working spirit. An easier way is to buy speed booster packs. Helps you speed up the activity for a certain period. In addition, speed booster packs can also be obtained daily. The most important still needs to optimize the production technology. Even the surrounding facilities are invested more. That way, your profit can be optimized best.

Idle Burger Tycoon mod

Create multiple branches

Of course, one restaurant will not be enough to satisfy diners around the world. That’s why you create new branches to enhance your model. These new branches, will not be inferior to the main ones when put into operation. Instead, you will have more customers to eat with and more people to know. Appear over all the major countries and create a great empire. Change the whole economy of the country with Idle Burger Tycoon mod.

How to Download & Install Idle Burger Tycoon MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android


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