Idle Pet Shelter MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 1.23.7

Updated 19/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameIdle Pet Shelter APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Idle Pet Shelter MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Gem* ( Can proceed with research even when gem is not enough )
3. Unlimited Gold*
4. Unlimited Medal*
*Increase instead of decrease

Introduce MOD APK Idle Pet Shelter

Idle Pet Shelter MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) is also a paradise for lotus enthusiasts and cute cats. A small shelter for feral cats looking for a new home, a simulator that allows players to build a pet farm on the outskirts of the city. Where there is fresh air, the large land is suitable for the expansion of the pet farm. Operate, manage and care for the cats to have access to the happiest life. Accompanying, you also have people with similar interests. Follow their stories, and form a loving team. People are willing to help the farm without salary from the beginning.

The gameplay of Idle Pet Shelter APK 1.23.7 is quite simple for players to get used to. Opening in a small room, in the center is a kitten with sparkling eyes waiting for you. The first thing when meeting a kitten, instead of petting it, feed it when it is hungry. Follow these first step instructions to open up an exciting cat care process. As soon as he drank the drops of nutritious milk from the bottle, the baby’s face showed an expression of interest. The gameplay focuses on creating a sense of relief and relaxation. Instead of bloody wars and terrorist explosions. Immerse yourself in a fun and peaceful space with cute cats playing together.

Idle Pet Shelter apk free

Download Idle Pet Shelter APK mod – Pet cat farm on a beautiful suburban corner with cute friends

Called a farm, but your area is a miniature house divided into many different rooms. Each room has the necessary items such as rice trays, sand buckets, floor mats… Soft tones combined with cat-shaped decorations or toys bring a sense of closeness. When someone got off the car on the road in front of the door. Carrying a cat crate means they want to leave them in your care. Due to some personal reasons, these people cannot continue to raise them and need to find a new place for them. Make the reputation of your farm increase proportionally to the trust that others bring pets to send.

Idle Pet Shelter android

Base expansion

From a small empty room, without any furniture. Doing a lot of tasks and related jobs can earn money by unlocking necessary items. Build more kitchen areas, bedrooms, dining areas, and cat toilets. In the bedroom, area can be equipped with cozy gray cat-ear cribs. The amusement park buys more wooden slides, colorful wool rolls. The blue rugs have cats printed on them. The toilet is indispensable for the cat litter boxes, they are placed in rectangular boxes. The laundry area has a washing machine, tables and chairs, and drying equipment for staff.

Idle Pet Shelter mod apk

Adopt a cat

In this city, there are many abandoned feral cats. In addition to adopting cats that others bring in, your team also has a white van with a blue cabin. It is the device that helps staff go around the city to rescue poor cats. After receiving them, they need to be bathed, fed, and properly rested. There are so many different breeds of cats that make cat farm fun. The cat has a white coat with an orange border like a zebra. Or a brown calico cat with a star in the middle of its neck. A jet-black cat with sparkling green eyes. Or the gray short-haired British cats with shimmering brown eyes.

Idle Pet Shelter mod

Looking for a new home for the cat

It is extremely beneficial to take care of all the kittens. But if the number is more and more, it becomes more difficult for the player to focus on taking care of each cat. Instead, find new, more deserving cats for their home. When the player’s pet farm becomes famous. There are people who have a passion for cats who will come and adopt them. They are enrolled in the adoption notice in the right corner of the screen. If the player feels they are suitable to take care of the cats in a better way. Give them to make room for the more pitiful feral cats. The cycle keeps repeating, keeping you busy.

Idle Pet Shelter apk

There were squalid feral cats emerging from the maintenance hole cover nearby. Or in front of the farm, there is a clear colored stream flowing through the suburban area. There are cats that get wet when they slip and fall there. Seeing your farm is the spark of their life. When the cats are full, the circle above their heads runs around. At a certain point, an upward green arrow will appear. It is a signal for the cat’s more mature level up. They will be larger and easier to care for. Download Idle Pet Shelter MOD APK the pet farm’s cat care cycle.

How to Download & Install Idle Pet Shelter MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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