Idle Miner Clicker Games MOD APK 3.8.4 (Free upgrade)

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NameIdle Miner Clicker Games APK
PublisherClicker Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Free Silo Upgrade
2. Free House Upgrade
3. Free Car Upgrade

Make money in a simple and fun way with just a few mouse clicks. You can easily earn as much money as you want with gold mining. Idle Miner Clicker Games will make you addicted anytime because of their attractiveness and ease of play. By clicking to conquer the challenge, you can quickly get rich. The game combines many tasks that make you always flexible. The game is highly suitable for those who like slow, gentle entertainment. You can master the game even while offline. Experience making money really fast and super easy here!

The type of entertainment game is not new but in a new and cute interface. You will manage your character to do the work of digging for gold and gems. You will further develop your work as it gradually grows into a factory. You will not only manage manual labor but also employ workers. Your control and flexibility will be tested with Idle Miner Clicker Games. Become a skilled gem digger and have excellent leadership skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience many other skills when operating a large factory.

Idle Miner Clicker Games mod

Download Idle Miner Clicker Games mod – Super simple gold and gem mining

The work that seems very hard will be experienced simply by just a phone. You have a series of tasks in the Idle Miner Clicker Games. Just act quickly and flexibly in many roles to quickly handle the task. Come with the cute dwarf and some fancy baby dragons. You seem to be swept up in surprises and fun in Idle Miner Clicker Games. The opportunity to conquer the land full of gold and gems has come. Use hard and soft skills to conquer this entire fertile land soon. You will be included in the list of gold and gem mining millionaires.

Idle Miner Clicker Games android 1

The operation is easy to understand and straightforward.

Don’t worry if you are new to this mouse-click game. Idle Miner Clicker Games is easy to play because the main operation is still just a click action. You click as much as possible to dig as much gold and gems as possible. You control your main character according to the available instructions. You only need to click to complete the task and receive attractive rewards. Everything is done with a single action. This is a game that is quite suitable for gamers who are new or do not like too much action in the game. The convenience and simplicity of the game make more people enjoy and actively experience it.

Idle Miner Clicker Games apk

Diverse and interesting quests

With Idle Miner Clicker Games, you must perform several different tasks and challenges. First, pay attention to the clicks to accumulate more gems and gold hidden below. You are the one to help the dwarf collect money and rewards and renovate the living area there. You have a few more little dragons that must be taken care of. Make a lot of money to hatch baby dragons and take care of them properly. Once more developed, you can hire managers to run the gold mining. You will profit from your gold mining and use it to grow further. Use the managers you recruit to support the factory full of gold mining robots. The finished gold and gems are still hard to find by the manager you hire. Now you can earn extra money in a beautiful passive way.

Idle Miner Clicker Games mod apk

Attractive and eye-catching interface

You will see firsthand the tiny town of the dwarf from the beginning to the upgrade. Every detail in Idle Miner Clicker Games is meticulous and colorful. The glittering gold coins made viewers extremely excited. In front of you is the abundance and growth of a factory with many miners. You will own a series of busy trains transporting goods. Idle Miner Clicker Games opens to players the picture frames that show the richness and development created by your hands. The bright colors in the game will make you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed after a long day. This is a game that not only makes you enjoy the content but also scores points thanks to the cute textures.

Idle Miner Clicker Games apk free

The gold-digging game is straightforward but exciting. You play the leading role of controlling the character from the beginning until the factory. The feeling of seeing your construction come to fruition is fantastic. Idle Miner Clicker Games makes you proud of what you’ve done yourself. Instantly experience the opportunity to become a millionaire with just a few simple clicks. Download Idle Miner Clicker Games mod to own your rich town and manage funny robot workers.

Download Idle Miner Clicker Games MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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