Choices MOD APK v2.8.9 (Free clothes, VIP unlocked)

Posted 12 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
MOD FeaturesFree clothes, VIP unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Choices: Stories You Play is a simulation game featuring many surrounding stories about love, social evils … Discover stories from romance to horror, drama. All stories in the game will be controlled by the player. Your choices can change the love or solve the crime … Play as characters to tell your own story. Both read good stories while participating directly to decide their happenings and results. Synthesized in many different topics, genres. Each topic will bring its own color, different story developments. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Start listening and participating in these fascinating stories.

When entering the game, you will incarnate in the role of each story, witnessing the action. Decide what happened and what happened to that story. Players as a director, screenwriter bring many things to everyone. Each storyline will be different choices or decisions for each player. This makes for the variety of the game, making it not boring. Satisfying the needs of each person when participating. Join Choices to write your own interesting stories.

Choices Stories You Play mod download

Download Choices: Stories You Play mod – Your own story

Join the stories together with the characters in the game. Diverse stories of content and genres about the love of couples, wanteders, criminals … Exciting players who want to discover new things. Simple gameplay, not competition or confrontation with enemies. You write stories with much different content. Each story is like a movie by yourself. Like becoming a true story writer, writing different stories. There are many stories that Choices are waiting for you to explore.


In Choices, the player can choose the appearance and personality of the character. Customize your character to your liking to suit every episode of the story. However, players will not be free to choose but must rely on the available character models. This may make you feel uncomfortable when choosing your character. But not so that misses many interesting stories. Each evolution is decisive for that story, you can completely arrange the plot as you like. While participating in writing many stories while playing entertaining games, bring great moments of relaxation.

Many fascinating stories

Choices open up different stories like The crown & the flame, Most wanted, The freshman … In The crown & the flame, the enemy has taken your kingdom, you are building a powerful army to win. throne again. The freshman puts you in the role of a Hartfeld University student. Here you get to know many friends and find your own love. Dating with one or more people at the same time. No longer a romantic love story, Most wanted will bring a story about criminals. Getting psychotic assassin between Hollywood detective and Texas police. Each story will open up a different situation, for you to directly participate and write the story.

Choices Stories You Play mod apk


The game is constantly updating many genres for players not to be bored. A variety of genres such as horror, love, magic … Choose whatever you want, without having to follow a rule. Each story with each different character brings many new story situations. Become a crime investigator at murder or date your friends. Write beautiful love stories, choose a romantic festival date. Or form military alliances, master powerful weapons, defeat enemies. Lots of stories for you to role-play and discover many fascinating things.

Choices Stories You Play mod android

Choices let players play the characters to write many interesting stories. Complete stories with different details and contents. Immerse yourself in many stories where you are the main character. Freedom to choose genres and master the game. Download Choices: Stories You Play mod writes your own stories.

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8 months ago

Vip doesn’t working, fix it please !

Purple orchid
Purple orchid
10 months ago

No unlimited keys!

Purple orchid
Purple orchid
10 months ago
Reply to  Purple orchid

And no VIP…. Is this only for free diamonds?

Purple orchid
Purple orchid
10 months ago

I get an error message when trying to log into fb

Purple orchid
Purple orchid
10 months ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

And the VIP and unlimited keys not working… What do I do about that?

11 months ago

Vip books are not free.

11 months ago

Doesn’t have unlimited keys or Vip books.

11 months ago

I need a key to continue playing the story

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