Idle Mastermind MOD APK 1.25 (Currency/Unlocked)

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NameIdle Mastermind APK
PublisherGrumpy Rhino Games
MOD FeaturesCurrency/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The maximum number of games is probably about heroes with unparalleled strength on the market, tasked with eradicating tyranny. The remaining few tell about the power of anti-destructive characters, and one of them is Idle Mastermind. This rare game about villains will let you know the truth behind the forces’ lives that the heroes have to fight. It’s surprising because they don’t have much difference from the good side. Is it just a one-sided thought of us, who are on the good side when creating this game? Probably no one will be able to answer that question.

Idle Mastermind lets you do just about anything the villains have ever done. Build majestic and dark lairs, of course. Recruit evil villains, for sure. Making evil plans to rule the world, that is the ultimate goal. They are more special than heroes in that monsters can do anything they want, regardless of whether it is good or bad. This will be the most authentic experience of villains for you.

Idle Mastermind mod

Download Idle Mastermind mod – Build a world of villains

It’s almost like a city-building game. You create a society of evil, control and develop them to work according to your will. Make many plans to influence the heroic force. More specifically, humanity, the main target of the bad guys. When there is not too much knowledge about evil, you will think that they do redundant work and are not worth worrying about. However, things are not as simple as you think. Everything has to work according to certain rules and laws. If you are a bad guy, you must have your own rules, especially for an important mission of taking over the world.

Build lairs for demons and bad guys to live. Maintaining things through various activities is not the same as humans. Sometimes it will be necessary to invade many important lands to gain many valuable resources. Serves noble purposes to the thoughts of the bad guys. With many battles against many forces happening, you have to deal with them yourself and fight them to protect the interests of your species. Although you are on the villain’s side, what you do must also follow your own standards. Unlock more new scientific technologies, strengthen the power of evil forces.

Idle Mastermind mod free

Be a real leader

Everything will still start from zero in a somewhat dark wilderness. You will create your evil civilization in this location. Collect resources to build structures for the bad guys. The buildings will also be concrete and have many uses of their own. No one will judge when you work hard to design all your cities more beautiful. After all, you are still a respected leader. Depending on how you choose to play, the story in Idle Mastermind will unfold in many ways. It’s one of the basics when entering the world of evil. Make them grow to the fullest extent.

Idle Mastermind mod apk

Create a great shelter

The design of the positions in the world of Idle Mastermind is actually a lot more interesting than the human race. Most are underground designs with a maximum of 30 separate floors. Each floor has many different facilities and areas. Diversity in science, housing, and unique energy supply areas. It’s none other than you who created them, growing with resources earned on land after that is all you can see underground.

Recruiting evil villains

If there was a purpose of creating a world of real bad guys, surely you can’t do it alone, can you? The most appreciated option is to recruit more bad guys to work under him. Most of them will be warriors fighting for your kingdom. There are 20 or more types of warriors with many different unique powers. You will decide the appropriate formation and strength for them, along with many classes in magic and advanced science. Please do not ignore them because they are critical.

Idle Mastermind mod apk free

For those who do not like the experience of being a hero, Idle Mastermind is a very suitable choice without fear of being outdated or boring. The game with all the necessary services and features will serve your experience to the maximum. Do not hesitate to fight with justice because the strength is justice in Idle Mastermind mod.

Download Idle Mastermind MOD APK (Currency/Unlocked) for Android

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