Grass Eater MOD APK (Menu/Free Upgrade) 0.2.5

Updated 01/05/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameGrass Eater APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Grass Eater

Complete your quest to feed your animals across the vast grasslands in Grass Eater MOD APK (Menu/Free Upgrade). You will start your journey on the grasslands with your pets. And that’s when you become a farm owner and have to take responsibility. The animals on your farm are all herbivores, so you have to take them out. So the vast grasslands will be the best place to collect grass to feed them. And as the owner, you can cut the grasslands and bring them back to the farm. Go out and collect grass to feed the animals you have on your farm.

The grasslands are where the herbivores are always looking for food. And when you go to the farm world, you will discover a lot of extensive grasslands. So this is your chance to set up a farm and start your journey of raising animals. But they must be herbivores because that’s the only thing this farm world has. And when starting the farm operation, you must take them out to the grasslands and feed them. This will not only help you nourish them but also allow you to collect food. Feed your animals on the vast grasslands in the world of farms.

Grass Eater mod

Download Grass Eater APK mod – Explore the grasslands with your animals

You will become a farm operator when you set foot in the world of grasslands. They’re everywhere, and you’ve seen the potential of those vast grasslands. This would be the right place to start a farm operation, and you did not pass up this opportunity. Pets are continuously brought to the temple, and you will start your fostering activity. However, your farm is vast, and you cannot manage all its animals. So it would be best to take care of them in the pasture. Take your pets into the pasture and discover the most live breeding activities.

Grass Eater apk

Start the farm

There are many different species of animals in the world, and they will fit into different ways of rearing. And when exploring the grassland world, you will discover many herbivores here. Because grasslands surround the world, they have come for abundant food. So by your talent, you have realized the potential of building a farm. The vast grasslands will be an abundant source of food that is nowhere to be found for you to raise animals. And vice versa, you can go out with your pets to collect food directly. Start your farm operation while exploiting the vast grasslands of the world.

Grass Eater mod apk

Lawn mowing mission

You have played the role of a farmer and have a large farm for yourself. And when you get your farm active, your nurturing has come into place with a specific plan. The grasslands are a rich food source for the animals you raise on the farm. So you will control different animals and enter the grasslands to collect food. They are herbivores, so they will help you cut and collect grass from the grasslands. However, that’s also when you let your pets enjoy the food. Out in the grasslands, start your mission to mow the lawn with your animals and bring them back to the farm.

Grass Eater android

Feeding animals

The animals on your farm are all herbivores, which is your opportunity to grow. Since the world you enter has a lot of grasslands, the food source is abundant. So you will lead the animals on the farm directly to the vast grasslands. Then you can cut the grass and bring it back to feed the animals still on the farm. Besides, the more you collect, the more new animals you will have. And to help the farm become diverse, you must take them out to the pasture to find food constantly. Accomplish your animal feeding goal by foraging with them in the grasslands.

Grass Eater free

You have entered the world of grasslands and have discovered its potential. Those are vast grasslands, and you can feed a lot of herbivores. But to start, you must build a farm next to those vast grasslands. This will make it easier for you to manage the farm. You can take your pets to pasture and help them enjoy food directly. And you will collect new pets if you cut a lot of grass in your mowing mission. Download Grass Eater APK 0.2.5 to join the herbivores on the farm to complete the lawn-mowing mission.

How to Download & Install Grass Eater MOD APK (Menu/Free Upgrade) for Android


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