Idle Light City MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.0.6

Updated 20/01/2024 (6 months ago)
NameIdle Light City APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Light City

What do you do when you are immersed in a large city with no light? Darkness makes everything black, if you have not thought of a way, try Idle Light City. The player needs to make the city more light to change the black scene. The houses here need to be lit up, implement your plan at the fastest speed. Not to let this place go into the darkness any longer, players need to perform the task to make this city look like there is life at night. Idle Light City has no plot or specific reason why this issue is happening. You just need to focus on growing and expanding your light bulb system.

The demand for bulbs is so great that the factory operating at full capacity is not enough. And that is also the challenge of the players in Idle Light City. Producing light bulbs, meeting the potential market and innovating the city with a new look. You will be an idle boss, develop a development strategy for the factory to make a profit. Clicker gameplay is becoming more and more popular and popular with many people. For example, Idle Police Tycoon, TV Empire Tycoon are in the same genre, but you are run with different types of businesses.

Idle Light City mod download

Download Idle Light City mod – Light up the city and evolve it

The light is the only thing that has completely transformed the city. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to develop more expansion for this area. Idle Light City gives the player a strategic vision to give the city the most prominence in the region. Every house needs a certain amount of light bulbs for it to light up to the maximum extent. Maintain operations in light bulb factories to ensure sufficient capacity for the entire city. Here buried in darkness for so long, be the first to bring light to every corner. All activities are not favourable if the dark scenery surrounds.

Idle Light City mod apk

Factory upgrade

Even though the factory in Idle Light City is manufactured by the line, you still need an upgrade. Capacity and productivity are the two most important factors in assessing your bulb production capacity. To make sure you can light anywhere in the area you own, you need a lot of light bulbs. Players will get used to the light moving around the city as a means of transport. They will go straight into a house without light and do their job.

Idle Light City mod

City expansion

Small and medium-sized homes are what you will see in this neighbourhood. Take an overview and you will know what to do next. Exactly, high-rise buildings, amusement parks, and parks are must-haves. Light is a basic necessity to always be ready when needed. Idle Light City needs a city on a larger scale that offers players the most enjoyable experience possible. Take what is like a boss, this place is in your possession. But development requires a clear plan, ensuring that everything is worth going in the right direction.

Idle Light City mod android

With easy gameplay, does not require many skills to control manual. You just need to Click to maintain and grow the highest productive bulb factory. Besides, do not forget that the same capacity is one of the things that need attention. Light up the city with light bulbs, leaving no house in darkness. Implementation of this development strategy in the most powerful way. Download the Idle Light City mod to light up the darkness and build new infrastructure.

How to Download & Install Idle Light City MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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Thanh Hoài
Thanh Hoài
3 years ago

Chị ơi cho em hỏi chị có thể làm mod blockmango ko ạ

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