Idle Fishing Story MOD APK 1.98.139 (Unlock costume/No ads)

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NameIdle Fishing Story APK
MOD FeaturesUnlock costume/No ads
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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A simulation game where you have to drop fishing bait called Idle Fishing Story. Become a stable fisherman, and participate in the competition to see who is the best. This is a click tool with the main theme of fishing, the player can become a tycoon or a wealthy captain. The story takes place between Captain Raymond and his daughter Pobby, who are facing the decline of their family business. They are in danger of bankruptcy because of the growth of a strong fishing brand. If they lose in this important fishing event, they are forced to sell the family Rock Bottom Fishing Company.

At the beginning, the player is taken to a small place with small fishing grounds, where only a small number of tourists visit. So if there are few guests, where will the fish that the player catches? Therefore, players need to actively fish and sell to make money. Expand fishing grounds and entertainment venues here to attract tourists. On a small wooden seaport, your ship is moored here. As soon as the player clicks on the boat, it will move forward and drop the bait. After a certain amount of time, there are fish that have caught the bait, they will jump onto the player’s fishing boat.

Idle Fishing Story apk

Download Idle Fishing Story mod – A planetary-scale fishing competition and tourist attraction

Next, after the fish are brought to shore by your yacht. They are gathered in a wooden crate placed right on the shore. After that, the player will collect this fish and move to a small hut in front of the port. They are packed and moved onto a blue truck. That truck is responsible for delivering these fish to those who need and want to use them. From there collect the gold coins that are beneficial to the player. Players use gold coins to repair facilities, buy more anchorages, upgrade trucks that can carry more fish. You can also hire more staff to serve the business.

Idle Fishing Story apk free


As mentioned above, the process of catching, purchasing, and trading takes place on many different stages. Therefore, if only one player takes over the whole thing, it takes a lot of time. Players can hire more staff and people to work for their business. Hire a high-handed captain wearing a blue uniform, specializing in taking on the role of boatman. Fishermen of all shapes, genders, and names come to fish and transport for you. Each area has a character’s head icon and a yellow plus sign. Click on it, pay, and choose the character that the player wants.

Idle Fishing Story mod

Unlock the boat

During the fishing process, unlocking more areas and buying more boats is indispensable. Once the player has enough money, the player clicks on the orange buoy on the beach to unlock the area and add a boat to that area. The farther the area is, the stronger and more expensive the boat is. There are different types of fishing boats. The boat has a wooden deck with a rudimentary deck in white and yellow. More modern with a gray iron boat, above there is a rod like a wave catcher. Farther off was a wooden boat with a white sail on it. Each boat catches a different type of fish, and the waiting time is also different.

Idle Fishing Story android

Around the world

If you keep catching fish in one place, the type and quantity of fish will not be abundant. After unlocking all the anchorages and fishing. Players can move to the next area and unlock new islands. The first island, called Oasis, is the most basic one. The second is the island of Rocky Mountains, as the name suggests, the terrain is quite mountainous and covered with trees. Next is an island called Sunset City with skyscrapers. Tourists here are quite luxurious and have a lot of money to trade. Go to an island called Tree Valley, covered in luxuriant green. Trees are everywhere, and the type of creature is also different.

Idle Fishing Story mod apk

Idle Fishing Story regularly has special events that attract. For example, the whole incarnation of pirates. Vessels and terrain are transformed into the same atmospheric shape. Black sailboats with skulls on them. Everyone was holding sharp knives. The atmosphere is simulated like the real thing, but the task is still just to catch fish and sell them. The types of fish during the event are also different, with a heavier size. Download Idle Fishing Story mod to participate in international fishing events.

Download Idle Fishing Story MOD APK (Unlock costume/No ads) for Android

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