Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK (Menu/God mode) V1.0.4

Updated 26/06/2023 (10 months ago)
NameIdle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG

Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK is a refreshing idle role-playing game. Set in medieval times with frequent conflicts. You play as a hero dating who must protect the kingdom safe from these conflicts. It is up to you to direct the soldiers to fight skillfully or not. The kingdom’s destiny is also in your hands. When you are responsible for everything that happens around here. Your team of heroes is a collection of the strongest warriors in the kingdom. Join powerful heroes in their epic defence against the onslaught of enemies and monsters.

You will face all kinds of hideous and insidious enemies. They are trying to attack the kingdom and break your defences. Make sure they never succeed by constantly training your heroes. Each hero has unique abilities and powers. You will be able to fight heroes that are not the main character but are very strong. These heroes can turn the tide of the war. Because the damage they launch affects a vast area. They can also summon an army of powerful mages. And always ready to join the fight for you.

Idle Kingdom Hero Story RPG apk

Download Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK – Build the strongest team of heroes to defend the kingdom.

On the way your hero moves, there are always obstacles appearing. The red dialogue boxes on the screen are the instructions for finding the destination. Just, use two arrow keys on the scre to control the character moveen. Yellow to move forward and red to step back. The sword in the character’s hand automatically cuts down when approaching the enemy at a certain distance. The energy bar is in the bottom corner of the screen; when it is almost exhausted, a red alarm will appear. To use the combined moves, the player must operate on the system below the screen.

Idle Kingdom Hero Story RPG mod

Army of Heroes

You command a group of heroes and prevent any destruction that may take place in the kingdom. Your management ability, combined with the strength of the team of warriors, helps you win. Your legion of Archers plays a crucial role in thrilling battles. They have a fantastic archery ability and take down enemies with this arrow. This team is adept at crowd control, stunning your enemies with your army. Regularly train and support your team of warriors. They will become strong and immortal on their way to finding peace in the kingdom.

Idle Kingdom Hero Story RPG mod apk

Building area

Players need to learn the terrain characteristics to conquer many new lands. There are many areas with different conditions open up before your eyes. Each area has a lot of obstacles and difficulties that you may encounter, from rich grasslands to frozen rivers or areas where many blocks of rock are raised. You can ultimately establish your dominion and take over these areas. Plan your conquests carefully and make use of the heroes’ talents. Epic battles that open up a War of Conquest with levels of complexity standing in your way?

Idle Kingdom Hero Story RPG apk free

Hero upgrade

Personalizing characters and upgrading them is a necessity for success. In the game Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK, you can get Archers and heroes to take on many different positions through wins and profitable trades in the game. Collecting many rewards is also a possible way to help you improve your heroes’ stats. This also helps you get more fame in the game. Maximize your heroes’ potential and ensure victory in every fight. Careful planning and the best equipment can put you in complete control of the different regions of the globe.

Idle Kingdom Hero Story RPG android

In particular, it is impossible not to mention equipping heroes with supporting characters. Many pets are on offer if you are strong enough to win them. Each child will have a different unique ability, from healing to collecting rewards, and increasing strength. But they all have the same purpose of supporting you in this brutal battle. However, each hero can only equip one pet with him. Players can also upgrade pets to increase their strength over time. The armour can help players avoid disaster. Download Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK gathers a team of archers to conquer new lands.

How to Download & Install Idle Kingdom: Hero Story RPG MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android


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