Idle Five Basketball Tycoon MOD APK (Menu, Money/Attack speed) 1.38.1

Updated 22/05/2024 (21 hours ago)
NameIdle Five Basketball Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Money/Attack speed
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Idle Five Basketball Tycoon MOD APK detail?

 V1: 1. Tutorial reward high Gems
Need a new Account
2. Money gain increased
3. Buy 10 Energy gives gems (tap on + on your energycounter)

4. Menu
5. Trainerlvl up gives high amount of cash
6. 0 Skill CD // activate before battle / enemy also
7. High Attackspeed // activate before battle / enemy also
8. No Steal // activate before battle / enemy also
9. Every Normal score are 9 // enemy also
10. Every Skill score are 9 // enemy also

V2: Menu

  • High shot
  • Shot change point
  • Skill change point
  • Gold reward
  • No steal time
  • No CD skill

Introduce MOD APK Idle Five Basketball Tycoon

Behind the brilliance of the legendary basketball players is a brilliant manager. You will see this more clearly in Idle Five Basketball Tycoon. Create your basketball club and recruit potential athletes. Sign up for the biggest tournaments in the world to win titles and fame. Above all, earn the well-deserved profit of a basketball corporation. It is you who will lead your club from scratch. Turn unknown athletes into the brightest superstars in the world. Start your business path into this famous and popular sport.

The role of a manager and chief executive officer is certainly a lot more strenuous than that of an athlete. Their daily job is to oversee the operations of the corporation. Train all athletes to prepare for the big tournaments. Use finance for various purposes, such as building the club’s base. Sign a contract to own any free agent. Make more critical deals to grow your team. Where this club goes is entirely up to you.

Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod

Download Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod – Try to be the boss of a famous club

Creating the team is the first thing you and many others will undoubtedly do. Choose the people you feel will have the most growth potential in your squad. Once you own them, you have complete control over what they need to do in the future. Mainly we will train and give athletes space to practice. Register to participate in small tournaments to assess the strength of each person. Each win will gain experience again, and you also earn more profit. Use that profit to grow the club higher and higher. Open up more new departments and increase the space inside the club. All have a comfortable environment.

Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod apk

Productivity of the stars

Calling stars seems to have gone too far. Now they are still just amateur players. More training time is required to improve skills and prepare in the official squads. Please put them in the lineup so that the players continuously practice. In tournaments and when practising, they also earn money for you. Each player will have a different yield depending on popularity and rarity. They will be able to be strong in each skill, such as jumping, hopping, etc. That is an essential condition for deciding which position to put them in. Contracts with players are permanent. You can both upgrade to increase your skills and earn money from them.

Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod apk free

Challenge the world

Conquering big and small tournaments around the world will be the ultimate goal of each team once established. The tournament system of Idle Five Basketball Tycoon is also diverse, with many different sizes and numbers of teams. You will face teams managed by other players. Do not underestimate their skills because they may possess more powerful stars than yours. Manage your squad to change depending on the different leagues constantly. We should use the basic lineup in amateur tournaments and not the main lineup. The main team will attend many major tournaments to avoid the enemy’s exploration. What a perfect tactic.

Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod free

Exciting mid-match skills

The live content of the matches will be a bit different from many casual basketball games. Since most of these matches will happen very quickly, we need different gameplay that is simpler but still attractive. Both teams will face each other directly on the field of the vertical screen. In the bottom corner of the screen, many cards correspond to skills to use on players. Basic cards like dunk and score, boost and unstoppable will give your team a decisive advantage. Sometimes the enemy is too strong for you to score, use nerf cards so they can’t control your ball.

Idle Five Basketball Tycoon free

Focus on your first goal? What do you create the baseball club for? Of course, to find victory and big and small trophies. A huge amount of money is also a vital thing when it comes to business. Increase more facilities to create maximum conditions for the players. At the same time, training for the players and in charge of the corporation’s day-to-day business. You are a big boss, aren’t you? Be strong so the whole club can rest assured and rely on you in Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod.

How to Download & Install Idle Five Basketball Tycoon MOD APK (Menu, Money/Attack speed) for Android


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