Idle Firefighter Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.54.6

Updated 08/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameIdle Firefighter Tycoon APK
PublisherKolibri Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Firefighter Tycoon

Firefighting is arguably one of the most dangerous occupations of man. Roll on the fire to put out the fire. Saving people in distress requires dexterity, no fear of fire, and assertive agility. To understand the difficulties of a firefighter. Idle Firefighter Tycoon was born to reinforce and convey that to everyone. If you are also wondering about things related to the firefighting profession. Please join me to continue on this article.

Idle Firefighter Tycoon is based on the image of a fire station. The gathering place of professional firefighters. Along with the necessary equipment in ensuring fire prevention and fighting in an emergency. Their daily job is to deal with the fires that happen in the city area. Work is growing, the fire station can upgrade facilities, equipment, machinery, and fire truck. Respond to the city’s needs for fire fighting as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make your fire department stand out and reputable. Not suddenly, the idle gameplay is loved so much. Cash, Inc, University Empire Tycoon has also been downloaded a lot in recent times.

IFT mod apk

Download Idle Firefighter Tycoon mod – Gather professional firefighters

You will start with a small fire station, owning a fire truck. The same characteristic unit is the water index representing the current water reserve to put out the fire. Use dollars in dollars to upgrade equipment, build more buildings, buy more fire trucks, and more. Take part in a small-scale first fire. Fire magnitude is expressed as the number of flames. You must use equal or more water to extinguish the fire.

For example a fire with 2 flames, you must bring 2 indicators of water from the main office onto the fire truck. Bring water and put out the fire for the area. If you bring excess water, when the fire is finished, there will be excess water. You can bring them back to headquarters to continue to stock up for later fires. You will receive a set amount of money for each fire. Use that money to upgrade the water tank at the main station to store more water.

IFT mod

Upgrade the basic organs

The necessary conditions to extinguish a large fire are professional firefighters. Along with the best quality equipment. To ensure each fire is as successful and safe as possible. So use the money earned from putting out fires in large areas. Use it to upgrade buildings, for faster water production and storage. Upgrade the fire trucks to make them bigger and faster. In order to carry as many firefighters and get there as quickly as possible. These upgrades greatly affect the firefighting of the city.

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Other important skills

Just developing on the outside is not enough. Idle Firefighter Tycoon also possesses other elements to ensure quality and detailed firefighting headquarters. Your lab can help you create new mixes to mix with fire extinguishing water. Increase the success rate and reduce the fire extinguishing time significantly. Or backup water bottles are used when you do not carry enough water to extinguish a certain fire. The details are very small but clearly shown. Making Gameplay not ridiculous but very realistic.

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Get rich outside the game

However, when you are too busy, there is no time for the game. Idle Firefighter Tycoon will still work on your smartphone. Offline mode will keep the fire department open 24/24 to handle fires anywhere. So you will always get the money even when you are not in the game at that time. If you return to the game, you will receive an amount corresponding to the time you were offline. Pay close attention to your work in progress. Because when you come back you will receive a worthy reward for really patiently working.

IFT pure

The amount of work that a fireman has to do certainly cannot be said in the entire game. But most of all, it gave a message that the firefighting profession is a noble profession. And need really professional skills, well trained. New can become a professional firefighter. If you really pay a little attention to one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Download the Idle Firefighter Tycoon now to make them a reality someday.

How to Download & Install Idle Firefighter Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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