Scandal: Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) 4.10

Updated 29/01/2024 (4 months ago)
NameScandal: Interactive Stories APK
PublisherRole Playing Story Games with Choices Apps
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, keys
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Scandal: Interactive Stories MOD APK detail?

Important for avoiding error message in the game:
Before installing this mod, you need to go to the game page in the Play Store and put it on download. Once the download percentage appears, cancel the download and install the mod.

Introduce MOD APK Scandal: Interactive Stories

Become the leader of the emotional stages of your life in the game Scandal: Interactive Stories. Start your story with the right choices. The most critical factors are how you dress, your personality, and your talk. Those factors determine your attachment to others or not. In different environments, you will meet people with their personalities. Get to know and try to master relationships with everyone you meet. Learn and discover stories happening around you. Some exciting situations like human scandals force you to make a choice. Try to be the most dominant person.

Being the main character will not be a fantasy in this game. Different choices will turn you into people with different personalities. Immerse yourself in your circumstances and situations. Situations will have specific solutions, but you must consider them carefully before making your choice. The personal relationships in daily life will be gradually discovered in the game. Through interconnected events in the game, find and discover everything. You can also use your selections to search for friendship or love. Every decision you make will affect the story later, so make wise choices.

Scandal Interactive Stories mod apk

Download Scandal: Interactive Stories mod – Master your stories

In the game, you will be able to choose from different characters with distinct characteristics. Explore all sides of stories by directing the character’s exposure to the story. Explore informal relationships by examining them thoroughly. Stick to the story because anything can happen. The situations at the beginning of the game depend on your decisions. Build and make sure the conversation stays on track. Make the right choices to preserve the relationship. Try to keep the conversation going perfectly and uncover some people’s secrets. Become a moderator of everything that happens around you.

Scandal Interactive Stories mod

The one who started the story

In the game Scandal: Interactive Stories, you will be transformed into different people. Choose each character specific and diverse from their gender, appearance, and costumes. Treat them as yourself so you can get the best feelings. Immerse yourself in the surrounding life, gradually become attached to people. Find out the secrets inside that relationship or find your relationships. It’s not a bad thing to have a few people to share the secrets of life with. Or you will find a soulmate to accompany you to the end of the plot. There is nothing better than being the one to start and lead the way in the stories.

Scandal Interactive Stories free 1

Interesting relationships

In life’s relationships, there will inevitably be stressful situations. Participate in conversations between different people with your lines. Choose wisely between words in a conversation to uncover the dark sides of relationships. It could be scandals between celebrities or unclear relationships with colleagues. Difficult decisions will also affect the maintenance of relationships. Knowing something is always good, but if it is something beyond your imagination, it may be different from what you think. Consider and make the most skillful choices to have exciting relationships.

Scandal Interactive Stories apk

Unprecedented experiences

In this game, you will interact with people from different work environments. The right decisions will depend on the direction of the conversation. Start new jobs with different positions to meet new people. For example, you can flirt with someone and start a relationship with someone they are famous for. Or when you just started a new job, you have feelings for your leader. If it were you, would you express your feelings or continue to hide them in your heart? Wait for the initiative of others or actively express your will? Make the right choices to get the ending of each story as you want.

Scandal Interactive Stories android

Build yourself a separate appearance and participate in the relationships in life. Choose wise lines to integrate and maintain those relationships. Learn and build secrets you haven’t touched. Find interesting relationships to make your life more memorable. Download Scandal: Interactive Stories mod to create situations and lead the story at your discretion.

How to Download & Install Scandal: Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) for Android


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