Hero Survival IO MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Stamina/God) 1.5.0

Updated 10/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameHero Survival IO APK
PublisherZetylios Legend
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money/Stamina/God
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hero Survival IO

Fight against monsters to find your way back to earth to fulfil your mission in Hero Survival IO MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Stamina/God). You will have a survival mission when you become one of the heroes fighting for life. They are users of spacetime machines to travel through multiple dimensions. But the device is broken, and they are lost in an alien world in time. There are many aggressive monsters who rush to attack the hero without warning. So the hero must fight them for life and find a way to escape. Fight with the heroes on the planet of ferocious monsters for their survival.

Humans have been able to create a machine that helps them travel through many different dimensions. However, the device is still untested, and few dare to accept this dangerous task. But some brave people dare to climb on the space machine and go on a journey. They dared to sacrifice themselves to test the machine’s reliability. And their space journey goes smoothly until they arrive at a strange planet. The travelling device eventually becomes unstable, and the heroes are forced to land below. Join the heroes to find a way to survive and uncover the secret behind the cruise ship crash.

Hero Survival IO android

Download Hero Survival IO APK mod – Fight for the survival of heroes

You joined the war of heroes when they encountered an accident during their travels. Their purpose in climbing aboard the spaceship was to test its accuracy. But their journey seemed to be successful until they reached a planet. This place seems to give off a signal that makes the ship inoperable and stops it. Heroes are forced to land below to seek help to repair the spaceship. However, the only response was the appearance of monsters and their attacks. They seem to have realized something; the goal is to return to protect the earth.

Hero Survival IO mod apk

Space ship incident

The human spaceship carrying the heroes on its journey has crashed. This situation did not go to plan because the travel plan was expected to execute successfully. Earth has lost contact with the heroes on board, and their status is unknown. And now the heroes face danger on the planet where the incident occurred. Their journey has been affected since arriving here and seems a conspiracy. So they must fight to return to the human world and prepare for war. Escape from the crashed spaceship and join the human heroes to protect life.

Hero Survival IO free

Violent monster

The heroes encountered a problem while using the spacetravel ship and got stuck. They were teleported to a vast planet filled with the most ferocious monsters. They appear constantly and try to destroy the heroes, not let them escape. Those monsters found an opportunity to invade the human world through the spaceship. However, they must defeat the heroes to gain control of the ship. But the heroes of humanity will not easily defeat those monsters. They must first stay vital for survival and the hope of returning to earth.

Hero Survival IO mod

Fight for a chance to survive.

The war of heroes crashed after the broken spaceship had begun. They realize this is the monster planet’s plot and are looking to invade the world. They created a signal that jammed the waves and forced the heroes out of the cruise ship. Forcibly leaving the ship caused them to lose their most robust line of defence against which to fight. And now, the heroes are forced to fight with their abilities to find a way to survive. They must fight to survive and return to the world to warn humans about monsters. Survive attacks from ferocious monsters and save humanity’s future.

Hero Survival IO apk

The space travel of the heroes of the human world has been interrupted. Their ship had trouble reaching the sky of strange creatures. The heroes want to find help and get off the human travel ship. However, they do not know it is the evil monsters’ plot and are just waiting for that. When the heroes go out, they are surrounded by a series of nightmares, and they want to imprison them. Now they must fight to break out of their encirclement and find a way to survive. Download Hero Survival IO APK 1.5.0 to open the form for heroes to live among swarms of monsters.

How to Download & Install Hero Survival IO MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Stamina/God) for Android


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