Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK (Free Upgrade) 1.1.76

Updated 13/11/2023 (4 months ago)
NameIdle Decoration Inc APK
PublisherDovi Games
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Decoration Inc

Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK challenges you with managing a decoration company. You will become the operator of a company responsible for renovating houses. They are located at different addresses, and their owners want to use your services. So you will take your employees there and start working to make money. Your mission is to satisfy customers by returning the house after it is decorated. And to do that, you need to work hard and effectively to help your customers. Prepare for the challenge of managing the decor staff at your company.

In the new world, you are a member of the Dovi decoration company, where there is a group of talented employees. They are the people you hire to renovate a lot of houses. And because they are paid, they will try to complete the tasks with their enthusiasm. Besides, you will see the employees’ diligence when taking on jobs. When you receive your salary, pay them and receive the remaining money as legitimate profit. And you can use it to recruit more employees and maintain operations at the company. You started running a decoration company that met the needs of renovating customers’ homes.

Idle Decoration Inc mod

Download Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK – Conquer home decoration and renovation tasks

You are the leader of a company with many employees at different levels. They may be human resources managers or new employees recruited to your company. However, everyone at your company’s common task is decorating the house. So when you receive orders to renovate homes, you will be the one to lead them. These are jobs from painting walls, tiling floors or moving furniture for customers. Or you will help them build and redecorate the house however they want. Those activities will help you earn money and continue running your company.

Idle Decoration Inc apk

Hardworking employees

The decoration company has been established, and you will be the manager of a group of talented employees. And the factor for hiring employees is diligence and meticulousness in tasks. Because the nature of the work is decoration, everything must be completed to perfection. The wall must be completely painted, and the tiles must not have any flaws. In moving furniture, employees must ensure safety during the journey. Customers will love to help them redecorate every room according to their design. So you must hire hardworking and talented employees in Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK.

Idle Decoration Inc mod apk

Explore decorating challenges

You and your team of decorators will receive customer requests. And each person will own a house with different styles that need to be decorated. These can be high-rise office buildings or wealthy ground-level homes. Or you will witness a place with a natural manner when built on a tree. They will give you elements of surprise as you unlock decorative levels. So explore different themes and show off your talent for renovating any home. Launch house decoration levels and experience levels full of surprises.

Idle Decoration Inc free

Expand your company

Decorating houses will take you to many challenges at all levels. And for each mission, you will receive customer bonuses when completing the challenge. You can use money to recruit more and more employees to support you at all levels. They will help you meet enough workforce as the need for home renovation and decoration increases. Furthermore, to increase the speed of completing tasks, upgrade your employees. Their skills can be levelled up if they know how to use money wisely. Expand the company and turn this place into a base to receive all home decoration requests.

Idle Decoration Inc android

You will direct the employees you hire to receive customers’ home decoration requests. You can then face different tasks, from painting walls to moving furniture. All require carefulness and care in each stage of work. So you’ll want to hire the hardest-working employees to have enjoyable experiences. They will join you in starting missions at different levels with different houses. Finally, try to complete the decoration task to receive money to expand the company. Download Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK to get rich from home decoration activities for customers.

How to Download & Install Idle Decoration Inc MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android


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