Idle Cooking Tycoon MOD APK (No Research cost) 1.27

Updated on 30/07/2022 (6 months ago)
NameIdle Cooking Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesNo Research cost
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Idle Cooking Tycoon is one of the most successful simulation games for those who love sweets and business. This is a game that is highly appreciated by many veteran gamers. With realistic context simulation inspired by the pastry production chain. Cute but also very real. The way to create characters and a variety of production machines make an attraction for this game. Coming to Idle Cooking Tycoon, players will experience working in a production environment. The success or failure of the cake shop, success or failure is all controlled by the player. Just play and gain experience for your store.

The game is a playground for business masters to practice managing a sweets business. Collectively explore the topic of cuisine, a very dear topic in daily life. With the not-so-medium appeal of the game, even when it was released not long ago, many players have praised this game for its creativity and usefulness. Help players immerse themselves in the space of bread and pastry production. At the same time creeps into the bakery business, bringing a new feeling to help satisfy the passion for business, building, organizing, and assigning work. Upgrade technical equipment to attract new customers. Make a lot of money and become a hegemon in pastry production.

Idle Cooking Tycoon mod

Download Idle Cooking Tycoon mod – Start taking over and running your own bakery business

It is an exciting game that helps players show off their trading ability. At the same time, it requires professional management to solve problems related to the bakery. Develop and create new cake recipes to make many unique cakes to bring the bakery to the top of the best pastry production establishments. As soon as you hit start, you’re already in production. But also don’t forget about staff management, training, and hiring quality chefs. A skilled chef will help make the best quality cakes, cakes, and cookies. In addition, you will apply intelligent strategies to attract sweet food enthusiasts to the city.

Idle Cooking Tycoon apk

Be wise in how to select chefs and upgrade equipment

As the head overseeing the entire production process, players must necessarily do all the work themselves can hire staff. Help with new formula research and product development. You will need to select chefs, skilled workers, and sound technicians. To ensure the batches made from them are of the best quality. Collectively hire good chefs to create delicious, fresh sponge cakes in line with the tastes and preferences of diners. In addition, the kitchen arrangement also plays an essential role for the production facility to run smoothly in large quantities. Upgrading devices is impossible.

Idle Cooking Tycoon android

Bold in how to develop business strategy

Management plays an integral role in the growth of your bakery. Responsible for the entire input until each cake is shipped to the buyer. This is a playground for those who have a great love for sweets. Prove yourself as a professional manager by supervising your employees. Assign tasks that match each person’s strengths and monitor their workflow. Besides, spend smart money on appliances and research new high-quality products. Competitors will also be interested in acquiring your bakery. So take the initiative to trade and come up with an intelligent solution.

Idle Cooking Tycoon mod apk

Invest in expanding your production facility

Do not stop at small-scale businesses. You can expand your base into an essential supply for the city. Make informed decisions to build your bakery on a larger scale. Apply delivery method instead of going to the bakery to pick up the cake. You can get more money and more interest. Decorate your establishment professionally to attract diners. Open kitchen area with more professional staff. A wide variety of cakes will spread fame to many other places. Opening more new kitchens. When you become rich, do not hesitate to create your brand for your pastry restaurant.

Idle Cooking Tycoon apk free

As a game with a simple way to play with just a click, you quickly get caught up in Idle Cooking Tycoon, from eye-catching graphics to novel features. Allows players to monitor the baking process without using any manipulation freely. Moreover, after unlocking all the features, people are allowed to go back in time. Since starting a business, keep the amount of money you currently have. In order to improve the status quo to help the bakery upgrade. Download Idle Cooking Tycoon mod to run your own business freely.

Download Idle Cooking Tycoon MOD APK (No Research cost) for Android

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