Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.42

Updated on 24/03/2023 (1 day ago)
NameProducer: Choose your Star APK
PublisherAmrita Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK Infomation

Free purchases money, crystals, and energy for real money (does not work with sets)

Behind the aura of the stars is the busyness and dedication of the manager. The person who shines brightly is the star, but the person who contributes to creating the star image belongs to the manager. With the game Producer: Choose your Star, a whole new way to train your own star. As a star manager. Along with the trainee, the star is walking on the path of celebrity. You will understand what you need to do to help your pet chicken. Deal with the problems behind the spotlight and popularity most directly and understandably.

This game genre is quite new and has only appeared recently. You play as a manager, with the job of looking after the rising stars. Please get to know the basics of that star, become a real friend to them. Join the stars to participate in many special programs and events. Under the circumstances, you will be the special guardian of the stars. Show them what celebrity experiences and manners are like.

Producer Choose your Star mod

Download Producer: Choose your Star mod – Bring the stars to the  peak of their career

Talk about the main character as a producer and manager. You think you only have to receive and manage stars. That is completely wrong because you will still have to turn an unknown person into a celebrity. Done by training them the skills of a star. Then put in a variety of environments to practice in the areas they are good at. After a short time, after completing the contract and having a certain amount of success, amateur stars will officially enter the celebrity world.

You will be busier than ever. From the management work, reminding the star’s habits. Arrange interviews and TV appearances. Develop the star’s career through various stages. Solving dozens of problems that arise is not an easy job. In return, the star will bring in huge revenue if you work hard and achieve certain success. Then a manager like you can also feel proud.

Producer Choose your Star mod apk

Create a good image of the star

A professional star needs to have a clean profile. Do not get caught up in any scandals and bad things related to your image. A manager like you will be responsible for handling star trainees’ profiles. If there is a good and reviewable history, it will be recorded for admission. Otherwise, please ignore it and find someone else. Once you have the star image you have, it’s time to familiarize them with the environment and exercises related to their field. Make sure they do well if you train hard to get out to the public quickly.

Producer Choose your Star mod mod

Working as a Manager cum Stylist

The star manager must meet the requirements and unique style of each person. It’s important to know what your star likes or dislikes so you can arrange things accordingly. The most important thing is to create a style and fashion style suitable for the star. It is not surprising that you will have to do all such work. Think of that function as a fashion game. It can help you gain more knowledge about dressing as well as beautifying others. Your salary will increase if you work really effectively and give the audience a prominent and expensive young star.

Producer Choose your Star mod free

Participate in programs and events

As the star you train has gained a foothold in the celebrity community, the invitations to participate in many media will increase. Specifically, here are TV shows, commercials, game shows… You can play minigames to choose the next schedule the star will have to do. Also, receive more gifts when the events end successfully. Part of the polish on the names and images of the stars. One side brings huge revenue for the management company, and the manager is you. Is that enough motivation to motivate the stars and you to work actively in fun and productivity?

Producer Choose your Star mod apk free

The work of star managers will often be a lot busier than their stars. Although not under much pressure and pressure from the public, they still have to prepare a lot of work so that the star can be most comfortable and well-groomed. Entrusting to a person who loves devotion like you is the right choice. Learn more about the stories of star managers. Fight with the media, protect your star to the end at Producer: Choose your Star mod.

Download Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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The mod isn’t free purchases it’s unlimited wheel spins just an fyi which is still not a problem it’s still free money and diamonds 🙂

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