Idle City Tycoon MOD APK 2.6.5 (Free purchase)

Updated on 24/12/2022 (1 month ago)
NameIdle City Tycoon APK
PublisherWondoo Games
MOD FeaturesFree purchase
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Note: if the mod doesn’t work, close the game and open it again.

The cities are being planned in the Idle City Tycoon simulation game. Become an investor and a builder in the city. Build huge buildings and make the city a place worth living in. An affordable choice for entertainment and an exciting experience among many games. An extremely addictive and easy-to-play Idle game in a construction style. Simple operation to build buildings and enrich the player himself. I dream of having a city for the game players themselves. Do everything according to your passion in one Game. Idle City Tycoon is developed by the publisher and brings the best quality buildings, ensuring players an exciting and unique experience with each attractive feature and structure.

With enough capital in hand, the player himself will do to develop the city. Trying is trying to become the wealthiest man in the town. Fix everything and earn money to make the city in the Game Idle City Tycoon more beautiful than ever. Simulate a town that the players themselves love and create. What’s in a simulation game Idle City Tycoon. What are the players waiting to play without downloading? Explore this Idle game experience and challenge yourself on every level.

Idle City Tycoon Build Game mod android free

Download Idle City Tycoon mod – The dream city

A billionaire wants to build a dream and livable city for everyone. Go out and get rich to become one of the wealthiest people in the world. Have money in hand in the Game Idle City Tycoon and build cities. Try to make everything around you beautiful and desirable. Modern with all amenities in the town of Idle City. Resources are limitless when you have money; exploit all the potential in the city. It’s challenging to make things better here with all the good stuff. Face everything that is being set by the Game as challenges. Players can become billionaires investing in a beautiful city for the first time. What awaits you in this Idle City Tycoon other than houses and money?

Idle City Tycoon Build Game mod

Urban planning

Build a city with every possible suspicion in the Game. Build a bar or restaurant to profit and get more customers—the aspiration is to build a large, open park. More facilities include commercial centers, swimming pools, hotels, and shops. Become the hope in the city of Idle as a master planner. Giving birth to everything for the best is a challenge for the player. Begin to open a new path full of beauty and glory in the city. Idle City Tycoon brings beauty and fun to this construction simulation game. Players experience a modern and rich planned city.

Idle City Tycoon Build Game mod apk

Become rich

To become rich with blocks of money earned from tourists in the Game. It gives players vast amounts of money to continue investing in buildings. Make yourself even more affluent in the Game. Players can challenge every structure that can earn money. Earn a profit from the money the player himself has invested in facilities. Try to develop everything around the city to reach more customers, collect service fees and countless other fees to get rich in the Game, and improve the appearance of the town Idle City Tycoon.

Idle City Tycoon Build Game mod apk free

Resources in the city

Upgrade every existing business in Idle city to save and grow. Resources are the land and customers the town has. Idle City Tycoon – Build a Game for players to explore and exploit resources in the city. Buy a store or a company and grow it gradually over time. Try to make every profit and enrich yourself with inherent resources—unlimited resources for players to exploit and earn profits.

Idle City Tycoon Build Game mod android

Earn more items and coins in the Game Idle City Tycoon. Investigate and exploit everything that is hidden in the city of Idle. There is no limit to the participants in this Game. Challenge yourself to build the most beautiful city in the world. Earn the most valuable gifts and items for the personal development of the game participants. Do not forget to expand and never be satisfied with what the player himself is. Download Idle City Tycoon mod to become the world’s most prosperous and significant city builder.

Download Idle City Tycoon MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android

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