Idle Bee Manager MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) 0.6.3

Updated 02/03/2023 (1 year ago)
NameIdle Bee Manager APK
PublisherColdFire Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy
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Idle Bee Manager MOD APK detail?

Bee instant finish

Introduce MOD APK Idle Bee Manager

To varying degrees, the bees are always the hardest workers in Idle Bee Manager. Managing a hive with so many different functions can be fully realized. From there, it is possible to create a miniature society from these hardworking insects. You do not need a human to be able to complete your mission. A beekeeper can ultimately make his products perfect. That’s why we have things that only bees can do. So people will feel somewhat jealous of your success.

Idle management models are often provided from somewhat simple games. But not because of that. Inactive Bee Manager loses the inherent values ​​​​from this model. It brings up a rather exciting topic that comes from the hard work that bees can achieve. Discipline and diligence will create tremendous strength. Thanks to that, human work can also be done closely. Give yourself a little fun at the end of the day to make the relaxation part productive. Take control of a beehive with great potential.

Idle Bee Manager mod

Download Idle Bee Manager mod – Manage and develop the hive

Perhaps a hive cannot function at its best without direction. As a longtime beekeeper, you can ultimately make them more modern. It would help if you built the floors of the hive to serve as the foundation for their activities. Next is to unlock the jobs and let the bees do it independently. Hardworking bees will look for items that will create ingredients for you. There is more income from these prod,ucts and it gives you many development opportunities. You can also freely speed up the work for bees to increase profits. Grow your unique business to new heights, second to none.

Upgrade and increase income

This will be the primary goal that any beekeeper needs to achieve if he wants to be successful. You will have to upgrade your hive with many aspects to optimize your gathering. We’ll unlock new jobs for bees to do. Unlock new floors with many new tasks assigned to the bees. Also evolved for bees to do everything as efficiently as possible. Your hive from an ordinary to a modern and productive business. That’s precisely what the game needs in a visionary like you. Nothing is impossible when your bees are hard workers.

Idle Bee Manager mod free

Explore the world

To be able to generate more income, you need to scale up the growth of your business. Development here will mean building more beehives in different lands. Every time your hive reaches a certain level of development, a new world will be unlocked. This is an opportunity for us to expand our operating style. In the new world, not only the landscape but also the work will be different. For example, you can collect ice to make honey and transport items in exchange for love. Quite a lot of work with good efficiency is used in business for things that are most useful to the hive.

Idle Bee Manager mod apk

New bee research

You can thoroughly train new bees for your new job. Each bee needs to study and prepare for a specific period. Once thriving, you can add a new specialization to the hive. The more new bees you create, the more you increase your productivity. Thanks to that, more valuable successes can be found in the Idle Bee Manager mod.

How to Download & Install Idle Bee Manager MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) for Android


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