Mochicats Collection MOD APK 1.20221118.0 (Increase CP/Mochi/Star/Daily reward)

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NameMochicats Collection APK
PublisherSanctum Games Limited
MOD FeaturesIncrease CP/Mochi/Star/Daily reward
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Complete your collection of mochi cats and play with them in the Mochicats Collection game. They are fun virtual creatures with a hobby of eating and playing together all day. Desserts cannot fill their stomach because of their taste and eating ability. You can also collect new cats to join your cat collection. This helps you increase their affection for you out of gratitude for helping. Make friends with different mochi cats and have a great time together. Finally, join the world of cute mochi cats to help you calm down after fatigue.

You accidentally come across a new cat and are soon impressed by its cute appearance. They are funny creatures and promise to bring you joy with the mochi cat. You have decided to raise them with you in a particular place and play around daily. Thanks to this cat, you can find many different types of mochi cats to play with. These cute fat cats will not disappoint you, as they can erase fatigue. A vast world with a variety of cats named mochi is waiting for you to explore and collect. Immerse yourself in the playtime with the cat you collect to find the joys of every day.

Mochicats Collection android

Download Mochicats Collection mod – Collect cute cats

You can experience times of entertainment with your collection of mochi cats after a long day. Your love for adorable cats will be revealed when you see them. Nowhere else in the world is a variety of mochi cats that are friendly yet friendly with humans. The appearance of each round fat cat will help you feel that life has become good. The way they are expressive also helps you feel the sincerity of each cat here. Enter a vast world where mochi cats are still waiting for you to discover and collect. Let your love of pets lead you to the cute mochi cat collection.

Mochicats Collection apk

Collect mochi cat

You will not be able to discover the vastness of the world of these mochi cats. So you can feel free to collect more cute cats for the collection. There are many mochi cats in the world with different colors for you to find. When the cats appear fully, you will find yourself with more than 50 different cats. This means that there will be dozens of cute-looking cats in your home. In addition, your cats may also evolve when they reach a certain level. Upgrade your cats and help them reach the maximum level to unlock more new things.

Mochicats Collection mod apk

Mochicat’s needs

Each mochi cat will randomly appear while you explore this world. You see the cuteness in each cat and decide to raise it in your home. These are remarkable cats, and they also need your special care. The needs of these cats are also different as they always eat a lot but still feel hungry. The food you give may not meet the needs of your cat. Every time they need something, the cats will show their cute faces. Satisfy this particular cat’s needs so its full development can be achieved.

Mochicats Collection mod

Fun with mochi

Mochi cats need to be taken care of, but they will not bring you pressure. When you collect enough of these cats, their joy will surround you. Mochi cats love to play together and participate in activities with you. You can get unexpected joy from them when you see them frolicking around. Moreover, your cats will also become happier when you find new friends. You can also create fun for you and the mochi cats when playing with them. The pranks you create while playing with them will bring unexpected joy.

Mochicats Collection free

In this big world, you will have the opportunity to make new cute friends. These are cats named mochi with cute looks with unique needs. They need special care, and your food doesn’t seem to satisfy them. You can raise a mochi cat yourself to understand its characteristics and how to raise them. From there, you will have more confidence in finding more mochi cats and completing the collection. These mochi cats will bring you joy when playing together in the house. Download Mochicats Collection mod to collect cats named mochi and have fun together.

Download Mochicats Collection MOD APK (Increase CP/Mochi/Star/Daily reward) for Android

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